Case Study Ratiodata

Ratiodata coordinates IT services on one platform

As an IT system house, specialising in companies in the finance and healthcare sectors, Ratiodata supports its customers with holistic IT services. An important part of their nationwide managed and field services concerns secure system operation and reliable support for customer enquiries. With Serviceware, the company has created a uniform service management platform for customer service and its extensive IT processes.

„Fast and reliable IT solutions are our core business. With Serviceware, we now manage our IT processes and the complex portfolio on a digital platform. This allows us to support our customers quickly and yet individually."

Dr. Michael Stanka
Member of the Executive Board, Radiodata

Uniform service platform for the core business

“From data centre services and comprehensive service desks to the equipment of entire office buildings with workplace infrastructure and communication technology, including on-site support, we offer our customers countless IT services. Their co-ordination is a real challenge,” says Board Member Dr. Michael Stanka, explaining the task. No wonder. After all, there are extensive service agreements with the customers and a multitude of technical devices and components with the most diverse contracts and service descriptions are behind all these services. With Serviceware, Ratiodata has established a uniform platform for the support of customers and the management of all services based on ITIL.

Faster processing of customer enquiries through unified support organisation

Ratiodata offers customers a wide variety of reporting channels, from the telephone to the company’s own app. And: no matter which channel the customers use to report, all enquiries converge in the central platform: different types of services such as scanning and document services, IT management or communication systems are mapped here with a service catalogue. A routing logic set up with Serviceware ensures that every enquiry from Ratiodata’s extensive service portfolio reaches a competent contact person as quickly and automatically as possible. The services mapped in the platform thus support customized processing.

High complexity on many levels

In addition to the high complexity on the customer level due to millions of configuration objects (e.g. employee laptops or other devices) with different contracts and service descriptions, there was another major challenge: three different company divisions used different IT service management processes, IT systems, terms and guidelines. “Reconciling this diversity was our stated goal,” says Oliver Grünewald, Head of Managed Services. “We are dependent on organising our processes towards the customer in such a way that we can deliver the best possible service quality.” Serviceware is helping to improve the structure of the service platform at Ratiodata by standardising interfaces and processes with a holistic approach.

Many teams, one platform

The implementation and standardisation of ITIL processes such as incident management, service request management or configuration management is not only important for internal workflows of Ratiodata. These processes are part of the company’s core business. Serviceware processes have made it possible to establish a uniform standard for several departments with different systems and processes. The special feature here is that all teams work with the same generic process, yet this can be individually designed for each customer through different services, SLAs etc. and managed on the basis of this information.

Some of the most important results at a glance

  • Introduction of standard processes and roles based on ITIL, adapted to the needs of Ratiodata in all business areas

  • Standardisation of the ITSM systems for all business units

  • Replacement of several ITSM tools through the implementation of Serviceware Processes

  • Establishment of a central platform for the services of Ratiodata and as an interface to customers as well as a unified support organisation

  • Connection to various channels such as portal and web service

  • Knowledge management to support the service staff

  • Field service management for the on-site support of customers


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