Case Study Alte Leipziger

Digital customer service via chat and bot at Alte Leipziger

Alte Leipziger - Hallesche (ALH Group) has been advancing innovations in digital customer service in co-operation with Serviceware for years. At the beginning, there was a chat on the website. At present, the digital helper “Alinah” takes website visitors virtually by the hand and improves the customer experience with the traditional insurer.

„It is clear that with new topics you first have to gain trust in the technologies. An experienced partner like Serviceware, with whom you can have an honest exchange, helps with this."

Philipp Hörst
Marketing, Alte Leipziger

Rapidly from the first idea to the benefit for the customer

The starting point for the joint project was the idea workshop of the ALH Group. “We analyzed that live chats represent a meaningful extension of the communication channels in our omnichannel strategy,” Stefan Rudolph from Sales Development explains the origins of the project with Serviceware. The use case resulted from the introduction of the direct conclusion of contracts for end customers. Since 2018 the company has offered customers the option of taking out insurance policies online directly – i.e. without the involvement of an intermediary. “In direct business we want to offer our customers as many contact channels as possible, including live chat, so that the customer can chat with one of our employees without changing media,” says Stefan Rudolph, describing the goals set by ALH, which the team has been able to successfully implement. “The chat solution by Serviceware has established itself as yet another personal communication channel in a very short period of time and is used in many different ways by both customers and prospects.”

Extension of a success model: chatbot Alinah shows the way

For the second pilot project, the team first selected a business transaction which occurs frequently and can be easily automated: the change of address via chat. This is a simple process, and the dialogue is, as a matter of principle, based on the query of a form. “The customers have accepted this dialogue-like query well,” says Philipp Hörst, who is supporting the project from Marketing. “This encouraged us to expand the automated chat by means of a bot.” And this bot has even been given a name: Alinah, a digital navigator, quickly takes customers to the desired spot on our website. Moreover, she can answer frequently asked questions. To start the dialogue, she also points out the top topics. “In this way, we offer the customer a guided selection to “click” on what is of interest,” Philipp Hörst is pleased to say. “In addition, the user can formulate open questions which Alinah answers.”

Implementation of innovation projects for the future

Within the project the ongoing evaluation of user behaviour plays a major role. On this basis, the ALH Group can constantly improve the bot even after its go live. “A key to success is also the good co-operation and trustful relationship with the IT partner,” says Philipp Hörst. This is the basis on which the co-operation will continue. In the medium term, chatbot Alinah is to become even smarter, more comprehensive and more customeroriented, and the chat is to benefit the customer in other areas of the ALH Group as well.

Some of the most important results at a glance

  • Omnichannel communication through webchat
  • Simplified standard process with guided form
  • Smart support through chatbot “Alinah”

The ALH Group

The ALH Group includes renowned insurance and financial services companies: Alte Leipziger Lebensversicherung, which ranks 7th amongst the German life assurance companies with a premium income of EUR 2.8 billion, Hallesche Krankenversicherung and Alte Leipziger Versicherung AG (non-life insurance) cover the most important business areas. The ALH Group, which also includes a Bausparkasse (building society) and a fund company, reached premium income and cash inflows of over EUR 5.0 billion in 2021.


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