Enterprise Service Management 

With Enterprise Service Management, you can achieve unparalleled visibility, impeccable control, and seamless alignment of services and resources across every department of your organization.

The benefits of one ESM operating system

Say goodbye to scattered processes and welcome a standardized approach that guarantees consistent service levels throughout your entire organization. One operating system for services drives business success and efficient collaboration:

  • Single Source of Truth: Consolidate all necessary data and information on one central platform. Protect sensitive information and ensure data privacy.
  • Compliance and Governance: Reduce the risk of legal and financial liabilities by ensuring that services are up-to-date and compliant with relevant laws and regulations.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: Ensure high levels of customer and employee satisfaction by improved service quality experience.
  • Cost reduction: Unleash productivity by scaling the delivery of services according to the needs of the organization.


The keys to unlock your digital transformation 

Our Enterprise Service Management solution serves as a comprehensive unified operating system for shared services. It enables automation of workloads within and across all service domains and departments. Discover the transformative potential of Enterprise Service Management and embark on a journey towards unrivaled success in service excellence – boosted by AI.

Workflow automation

Maximize performance through out-of-the-box automation functionalities for Enterprise Service Management.

Knowledge Management

Recognize the increasing challenges in dealing with knowledge. Knowledge is the foundation for digitalization - its importance for automation, AI, and processes must be emphasized.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The Serviceware Platform leverages a range of AI solutions to unleash their power in boosting the digital service economy’s potential.

ESM solutions

Explore our best practice solutions for Enterprise Service Management

Use our out-of-the-box solutions to get started quickly and efficiently. Our solutions allow you to build on proven structures, workflows and dashboards for many business processes. The platform's workflow designer makes it easy to create your own workflows or adapt the default ones.

IT Service Management

Leave the days of ticket-only management behind and rely on an ITIL-certified ITSM tool to help you manage IT processes. Serviceware ITSM offers AI-powered workflows for service request, incident, problem, change, release and deployment management, CMDB and much more.

HR Service Management

Relieve the HR department and increase employee satisfaction with modern service management for HR. Facilitate the control of standard processes such as hire requests, on- and offboarding and internal job changes. Features such as the knowledge database and the survey module support self-service and employee listening.


Customer Service Management

Build customer loyalty and improve your reputation in the market by handling customer inquiries in a structured way across all departments and communication channels. AI-based ticket classification and routing, chatbots for customers and AI assistance for service enquiries enable fast and reliable processing.


IT Financial Management

Simplify planning and budgeting for IT services for all stakeholders by providing reliable information for informed planning, automating the planning process, and giving cost center managers unified access to financial data.

Facility Service Management

Optimize resource allocation and increase overall building management efficiency by managing all requests such as incident reports, relocation requests, maintenance and repair requests through your ESM platform.


Order Management

Ensure clear processes for all types of orders. Starting from your service catalog provided in the portal, the order automatically runs through defined review and approval processes. The initiator remains informed about the progress of his request until delivery.

Demand Management

Support demand management with a workflow to easily assess, classify, conceptualize, and prioritize demands based on clear processes and criteria. And to convert the demand directly into a change after approval.


Contract Management

Improve the management of contracts. Use contract management to transparently document all contracts and contract changes and control the lifecycle of the contract.



Document data protection requests consistently and securely. Use GDPR workflows to ensure that requests from different sources and for different categories are processed correctly and verifiably.


Security Operations

Record security-relevant events in one central place - regardless of whether they are reported by people or by security systems. You can use security operations to ensure a uniform evaluation of the events. You initiate and document the necessary measures for protection or prevention that follow from the event in security incidents.


Serviceware Platform

Enterprise Service Management from one central place

Our modules allow you to design your enterprise service management exactly the way you need it. No matter what service processes are involved - the platform provides a uniform basis for all users.

Serviceware Portal

The Serviceware Portal forms the web interface between individual Serviceware applications and its users.

Knowledge Management

Create a single source of truth for your enterprise knowledge as the basis for reliable service.

Conversational Business

Omnichannel communication based on intent recognition and intelligent flow design offers around-the-clock service.

Service Catalog

A central self-service area in the Serviceware Portal where customers and employees can request your products and services.

Field Service Management

A smart tool to optimize the scheduling, dispatching, tracking, and coordination of field service operations.


Embed surveys into service processes to collect user feedback and improve your product and service offering.

Artificial Intelligence

AI features for Service Management

Reduce Average Handling Time and improve Customer Effort Score with these AI features. Find out more about our AI vision.

Customer self-service

Serviceware AI provides automated, natural language responses to individual customer requests across all channels (web forms, email, chat).

Process automation

Let AI analyze, classify, prioritize and route incoming tickets. 

Service agent assistance

Relevant answers to inquiries are provided to the service agent, based on previously solved cases and the company knowledge base. Complete (email) responses are generated in natural language. 

Content creation and quality control

 Assures the quality of content and keeps knowledge base consistent.

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What our clients say

Serviceware helps us fulfil complex requirements. Thanks to the high flexibility and adaptability of the system, new processes can be easily integrated.

Markus Schäfer
Technical Project Manager, DFS

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With Serviceware, we implemented an organization-wide platform for all customers queries. The system facilitates fast, informative responses, consistent documentation, and efficient routing of tickets for the entire enterprise.

Alexander Weber
Project Head Customer Service, DFH

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Serviceware perfectly maps all standard ITSM processes. In addition, we can even manage our non-ITIL change processes. Above all, we can map our budget planning and order processes in the platform.

Michael Speckamp
LBS West

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