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Using Serviceware for improved IT service query processing

LBS West is introducing a central system with Serviceware that controls the entire interaction between operative departments and EDP. This allows the company to ensure clear processes in the interaction between business and IT.

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A holistic solution in IT service management


Prior to opting for Serviceware Processes, LBS used a self-developed software solution based on Microsoft Access with an Oracle database for its ITSM. IT procurement processes, planning and management of the IT budget were also handled with this solution.

The challenge was to find a standard software for controlling the entire ITSM since further developments were no longer possible with the current system. The requirement was to consolidate all data involved in asset management and consistently depict the entire process from planning to purchasing and operation.

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“We decided to go with Serviceware because we were offered a very flexible yet powerful solution."

Stephan Ricker
Manager IT Operations, LBS West

Cooperation between LBS and Serviceware

The IT team of LBS was able to fulfill all requirements with the flexible and powerful ITSM solution from Serviceware. Processes and structures have been kept as simple as possible and if required, the software can be designed according to customized concepts. A one-to-one depiction of budget planning and order processes of LBS West is also possible.

The service team of LBS now processes queries from all users more efficiently than before, provides automatic feedback and has reliable asset management at its disposal. For this project, the solution was expanded with the required functions for order processing of hardware and software, maintenance fees and services. Inventory creation for assets and budget management including required budget prognoses were also implemented. All assets from budget planning to de-inventorization can now be depicted with Serviceware. The flexible and personal interface lets every employee design their own interface as needed.

Improvements at a glance

Efficient query processing of the service team

Flexible and personal interface

Depiction of all assets from budget planning to de-inventorization

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