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Managing the Cost of IT Spend in Manufacturing

How do you get a clear view of business value vs costs incurred, when considering legacy systems and digital transformation, new often misaligned technology and departmental silos (often hiding shadow IT)?

Serviceware at the Deloitte 'Grab and Go' - 'Digital Cost Optimisation – Controlling the Digital Money Monster'

Join Peter Grydgaard (Deloitte) and Alex Becker (Serviceware) at the Deloitte 'Grab and Go' - 'Digital Cost Optimisation – Controlling the Digital Money Monster' recorded webinar.

Cloud costs under control? How to integrate your cloud services into your cost model

Cloud costs are rising yearly and are increasingly substituting companies' own infrastructure and on-premise landscape.
Due to the high flexibility, scalability, complex billing models and often decentralized procurement, financial management faces new IT requirements for IT finance and IT controlling.

Service-oriented IT Management at ZF Friedrichshafen

The IT of ZF is marked by complex structures in a growing organisation with many different requirements. The technology group makes massive investments in digital transformation. The IT department supports this corporate goal with services which are consistently oriented towards the business needs.

Using the Serviceware platform, the central IT service team manages the offering, makes it accessible on a worldwide basis, builds it on a usage basis and identifies potentials for sustainable cost savings.

Define, analyze and optimize business services based on their significance

All services and products in the service catalog, whether HR, IT, Finance or Legal, are certainly there for a good reason. Each one of them has a particular significance to the customers. Nevertheless, each service is different from the other when it comes to bringing value to the company. Some services are more critical than others. 

So, how do you know which one brings more value?

The Serviceware platform provides the necessary transparency to easily measure the success and impact of each one of those services. 

Green IT Serviceware Innovation Lab - a glimpse to the future

Sustainability is on everyone's lips. Many companies are already pursuing becoming CO2-neutral between 2030 and 2045.

IT organizations must also contribute and become CO2-neutral in the medium term. How can this be achieved without detailed transparency of the current organizations' situation, including their Go Green initiatives and the CO2-emissions services?

The development of a CO2 analysis has started at Serviceware.

Transfer Pricing

The importance of transfer pricing regulations for tax purposes is increasing. Globalization, the discussion on tax avoidance and initiatives of the OECD (BEPS) as well as of the EU are increasing the complexity.

Today, finance and tax managers cite transfer prices and their documentation as a key priority which presents a significant risk potential for companies in case of not meeting the regulatory compliance.

How can you moderate business requirements and tax regulations using a simple method? A critical success factor here is a holistic approach.

Data to Dashboard: Creating reports with integrated Microsoft Power BI

The white paper answers some of the most urgent questions of CFOs and CIO:

How is my digital transformation going overall? 

Where are the revenue/expenses around each service? And how do I get a holistic overview of all the digital transformation initiatives?

Which stakeholder is consuming which services?

Building profitable Business Cases for Cloud and Hybrid Cloud spend and service optimization with IT Financial Management Featuring Forrester

Now more than ever enterprises need trust that their expenditures on IT are being made in line with their digital destiny. In order to make a business case for the cloud, technology decision makers must have visibility and transparency with respect to the tradeoffs inherent in funding choices.

This would have traditionally entailed IT financial management (ITFM) or Technology Business Management (TBM), whether implemented in spreadsheets or purpose-built solutions. 

Forrester - Create A Business Case For Your Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Find out how you can incorporate a full view of the benefits of cloud for your business in this free report.

Message for the C-Suite, Part 4: Serviceware - The Missing Link in the New Chain

How can you save costs on your IT budget without impacting service? Read our summary of the Forrester Total Economic Impact Study into Serviceware Financial.

Message for the C-Suite, Part 1: Treadmill of Business Transformation

Why a 'service' orientation view on your business is a critical and compelling component to the future sustained success of the enterprise.

Message for the C-Suite, Part 2: The Four Major Areas of Operability

How could we improve the quality of our execution and provide our customers with an outstanding experience, whilst freeing up budget to finance innovation and creativity?

Industry 5.0: why manufacturers need accurate cost data

Digital investments alone are not enough to meet the next normal’s needs. Thriving in the next normal will require strategic decision making that can only be achieved through cost visibility and effective cost management.

The End of Centralized IT?

IT Leaders are under more intense pressure than ever before to perform and deliver for their businesses. Is a centralized or decentralized organisational structure the key to helping CIOs manage and respond to the ever-changing pressures they face?

Tough choices, steady nerves and smart decisions: how business leaders can step up to the plate in 2021

Finding the right level of digital transformation by improving service levels while reducing costs will be critical to enable enterprises to grow in challenging times.

How Scenario Planning Can Revolutionize Your Budgeting

What costs would acquiring asset XYZ cause? What value could be created through that acquisition? How would reducing the budget spend on any IT service affect the value chain?

Where and how to find cost-cutting opportunities in an economic downturn

23 % of IT expenses come from cloud costs – so why not focus on this chunk as the target to save costs immediately and deliver the results the CFO is calling for?

The innovation tightrope – balancing cost-cutting with cloud investment

How to gain gain a transparent view of costs versus business value generated. Is cloud the best solution or in-house legacy systems? 

3 Quick Wins of IT Budgeting, Planning, and Forecasting

A lot of companies are still struggling to optimize their IT cost management. Read on our blog why it makes sense to implement IT financial management and how you can immediately benefit from proper IT financial management when it comes to cost control and budgeting.

Turn Enterprise IT Cost Reduction Into a Growth Strategy

What does optimal IT cost control look like? Find out what you can do to optimize your ITFM and  why gaining an overview over the cost-to-service flow is one step towards improving your service finances.

How to Effectively Manage IT Budgeting

We can differentiate between three main approaches regarding IT budget allocation. There is the centralized approach, the decentralized approach and the iterative approach. We will have a look at each and assess their advantages and disadvantages.

3 Aspects of ITFM: IT Service Catalog, Automated TCO, and Consumption

Read on our blog, which reliable approach towards the financial controlling of IT services on a company-level works for the hidden champions of mid-sized companies as well as multinational global companies.

The 4 Essential KPIs to Measure the Success of Your ITFM

We have identified four key metrics for ITFM solutions that can help CIOs and CFOs on they journey to more efficient IT financial management.

Transfer Pricing in Global Businesses

Why transfer pricing is becoming more and more important for international corporations and what's required for legally watertight transfer pricing for shared services.

4 Tips for Modern IT Budget Planning

These days, companies face unprecedented challenges when it comes to sustainable, future-proof IT budget planning. How do you get your IT budget planning ready for any crisis without merely cutting costs?

Benchmarking is important. But how to do it right?

When discussing strategic controlling and financial management – both inside and outside of IT – one of the terms that keeps coming up is benchmarking. We have gathered all essential information on benchmarking and how you do it properly for the best outcome for your enterprise.

What are the 3 Dimensions of Forecasts?

Find out how effective forecasting allows you to work with difficult situations by enabling budget adjustments, damage avoidance, and the leveraging of hidden potentials. 

Securing liquidity in a downturn by assessing cloud and legacy IT spend

In an uncertain and pressurised economic environment, many organisations will be faced with the challenge of making immediate IT cost savings, whilst still being expected to drive digital initiatives forward.

Scramble Mode – navigating the data storm with real-time accuracy

Real-time data analytics is the only viable option to ensure a holistic and current view of the cost vs value landscape. Especially in these stormy times. Ronnie Wilson, Group Executive Vice President at Serviceware explains.

Message for the C-Suite, Part 3: 10 Key Learnings for Driving Revenue Growth in Business Transformation

Operating cost management is not just about doing the same for less but about doing more and better for less.