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Long waiting times, multiple inquiries and then the answer from the HR department again leaves questions unanswered. At the same time, HR staff can't get ahead because they have to answer the same questions over and over again.

There is a different way! With Serviceware, employees and HR departments effectively exchange information on HR topics - and once questions have been clarified, they are clear to everyone.


What is HR management?

HR management stands for human resources management. It's where a company deals with the management of human resources in the form of its employees. It has long since ceased to be just a matter of deploying the workforce in the right way. The development of the workforce with the aim of increasing motivation is also the focus of the modern HR department.


The tasks of HR Management

1. Resource allocation

The fundamental task of the personnel department is of organizational nature. From the procurement to the targeted use of the workforce, the HR department is responsible for one decisive factor for the success of the company.

2. HR as motivator

But it is not merely the pure task of organization that contributes to the company's success. After all, it should be obvious that employees are people who cannot be compared with any other resources and whose performance depends to a large extent on their motivation. That is why staff development and communication with employees are an essential part of modern HR management, as both make a significant contribution to the working atmosphere.

3. Communication

From salaries to career planning to individual jobs - employees will always have questions, complaints or even suggestions for improvement. And to prevent these issues from becoming problems and turning into frustration, there should be channels in HR where they can be addressed. Because if no questions remain unanswered, complaints are taken seriously and suggestions for improvement are accepted, only then will colleagues see themselves as part of the team and be able to gain motivation.

4. Staff development and promotions

In human resources management, employee development is probably the most important factor in increasing motivation. Therefore, the task of the HR department is to enable workers to build knowledge and develop necessary skills. Thus, the individual development of the employee is supported. This increases motivation for various reasons:

  • As a result of the knowledge gained and the newly learned skills, the employee feels better able to do their jobs. Self-confidence increases.
  • People become aware of the relevance of their position and see themselves as an important part of the company.
  • The availability of further training enables talents to move up the career ladder and thus increases individual commitment.


HR management software

Using HR management software can help you overcome all sorts of challenges regarding your workforce. After all, with the countless requests your HR department has to handle, it's easy to lose track of what's going on, and processing gets behind schedule. The challenge is to optimize common HR processes and make them more efficient. Given the sheer number of inquiries in your HR service center, doing this today assisted by software is second to none.


HR Service Management

Noticeable improvement – measurable success

Noticeable improvement of HR support quality

Create excitement among your staff based on prompt and reliable processing of all HR queries.

Efficient HR processes – measurably increased

Reduce the expenditure of your human resource department with automated standard processing.

HR service offer – sustainably optimized

Improve the performance and reputation of HR with a transparent service offering including evaluation.

HR Service Management

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Certified HR service management software for your human resource department. Serviceware is the first Serview-certified tool "beyond" IT. As the first provider in the area of HR service software, Serview distinguishes Serviceware with the certificate "Serview-Certified Tool"

HR Service Management.
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