Inspire your workforce and deliver optimal HR services


Serviceware. That’s How.

Inspire motivation among your employees with tailor-made HR services

Serviceware gives all employees the opportunity to effectively communicate with each other on HR topics – and once questions have been answered, the solutions are available throughout the company!

You can say farewell to long waiting times and unclear answers and instill improvements across the entire HR sector of your business. 


Noticeable improvement – measurable success

Noticeable improvement of HR support quality

Create excitement among your staff based on prompt and reliable processing of all HR queries.

Efficient HR processes – measurably increased

Reduce the expenditure of your human resource department with automated standard processing.

HR service offer – sustainably optimized

Improve the performance and reputation of HR with a transparent service offering including evaluation.

Tackle challenges with Serviceware Solutions

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Reduce the lead time of service queries with best practice workflows – especially for routine processes such as onboarding

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Many queries can be processed quicker – or even become superfluous – with smart knowledge management



HR services are available around the clock with transparent service offerings via the self-service portal

HR Service Management.

Certified HR service management software for your human resource department. Serviceware is the first Serview-certified tool "beyond" IT. As the first provider in the area of HR service software, Serview distinguishes Serviceware with the certificate "Serview-Certified Tool"

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