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Serviceware. That’s how.

Making life easy for customer service teams

Customers are expecting more and more from their products and services and companies are under greater pressure than ever before to deliver. 

The three factors for success are fast response times, how easy it is to resolve an issue, as well as a personal touch. However, these factors are always countered by rivaling elements: waiting times, the work required to close the case, and the knowledge available to agents. Customer service teams need the tools to deliver success and that is where Serviceware comes into play.


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The best possible customer experience

Benefit from intuitively guided case management

Signigifcantly reduce Average Handling Time (AHT) and increase First Contact Resolution (FCR).

Establish and execute set routines

Fast routing and rapid escalation of cases, especially in emergencies.

Leverage adaptable workflows and processes

Stay flexible and respond fast to ever-changing customer needs.

Automate processes with the right tools

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Centralize information on one comprehensive platform
Consolidate your knowledge into one place and enable your team to easily provide outstanding customer service. 

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Efficient case management with SLAs and workflows
See your First Contact Resolution rate increase with Serviceware helping to put the answers in the right place. 

Knowledge Management 80x80

Quick and precise responses
Reduce Average Handling Times by using Serviceware as a single software to manage all of your knowledge.

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Provide outstanding customer service
Watch your customer service KPIs improve with easy-to-use software and new features added frequently. 

How can Serviceware help you in customer service?

End-to-end customer service platform

Automated cross-company routing and workflows to save time and money.

Optimized and consistent customer experience

Omnichannel communication with an easy-to-use knowledge base.

New business models

Service consulting can implement new business models including financial management for further enhancements in business efficiencies. 

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