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Customer Service Management

Make your customer support fast, easy and personal with customer service software - with AI-powered workflows, process automation and multichannel customer communication.

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NEW: Serviceware AI solutions for efficient customer service

Use artificial intelligence to significantly reduce the workload for all user groups in service:

  • Everyone benefits  increased customer satisfaction by reducing the workload for editors, service employees and customers
  • Fast, efficient, cost-effective  reduction of operational service costs through fewer customer contacts, shift to self-service channels and fast processing
  • Win-win  improvement of internal service KPIs

Customer Service Management

A great customer experience can grow your bottom line 

A great customer experience is no longer an added benefit, it's a necessity to stay competitive. From personalized interactions to proactive issue resolution, CSM software transforms satisfied customers into loyal advocates, fueling the growth of your bottom line.

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Simplify every interaction for customer and client

With a service portal, multichannel services, and knowledge management tools you deliver service at all times and improve resolution times.

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Automate ticket management

Make customer service faster and more efficient with intuitive, workflow-based case management

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Create a centralized customer service platform

Consolidate all customer service tasks on one centralized service management platform to offer a consistent service experience.


Modern Customer Service software for your success

Serviceware offers a modular platform to make customer service processes simple and flexible and to improve the customer experience. Use only the modules you need to manage your customer service.

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Ticket management automation

Standardized processes for case management are the core of digital Customer Service Management. Serviceware offers a tried and tested ticketing system that enables you to manage every customer query reliably and efficiently following your individual requirements. The Customer Service Management software automatically deploys necessary workflows and forwards tasks to the responsible support center.

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Knowledge management

Provide the knowledge needed in Customer Service with a knowledge base. This gives the service team all the information they need to provide outstanding customer service. Via the service portal or other interfaces, you can also provide your customers with verified know-how for specific target groups.

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Offer customers successful self-service with the Serviceware Chatbot - immediately accessible even with high inquiry volumes. With modern chat interfaces and AI-supported self-service options, inquirers receive information quickly and easily and resolve many service requests on their own.

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Service app for on-site service

Sometimes customer service can only work properly with a personal visit on site. Especially in a B2B context for the operation of complex devices and large machinery, technicians and other service providers need to be able to resolve issues in person. With a service app for optimal resource planning you can organize on-site appointments and involve your mobile agents into all digital service processes, thereby giving them access to all necessary information at all times.

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Get customer feedback

Process customer feedback by deploying in-depth evaluation and surveying tools. Use the evaluation data to guarantee you keep all service promises and contribute to your organization's value generation. Targeted Customer Service Management allows you to collect and organize valuable customer feedback.

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Multichannel communication

Ensure uncomplicated communication, regardless of whether inquiries are received by phone, e-mail, chat, or via your website - e.g., via Serviceware Portal. In the Customer Service System, you can manage all requests as well as customer data such as contact, product or warranty information. This allows fast and efficient processes for customers and service agents.


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Customer testimonial

"With Serviceware, we implemented an organization-wide platform for all customers queries. The system facilitates fast, informative responses, consistent documentation, and efficient routing of tickets for the entire enterprise."

Alexander Weber
Project Head Customer Service, DFH

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