Increase productivity in ITSM  

Implement a modern ITSM solution to efficiently control your IT service management.


Take aim at all the challenges of ITSM 

High cost pressure. Growing compliance demands. The struggle to find new talent in IT. A client base that expects user-friendly app interfaces. Can your ITSM solution satisfy all the demands of the digital age? Use our ITSM software to bring your IT Service Management to the next level. 

Accelerate processes with AI

Automate your IT service management processes to reduce resolution times for incidents and increase the productivity of your IT service team.

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Stay flexible

Tailor your IT management to the needs of your business. Add on workflows, features and connections when you need them.

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Minimize risk

Leverage reliable data and workflows for all levels of IT services to reduce risk and guarantee the compliance of your IT.


ITSM processes

Guarantee the quality of your IT Service Management by using tried and tested workflows for IT processes (ITIL) and compliance (GDPR). Discuss your specific use case with us so we can build the optimal package for your business needs.

Service Request Management

Handle user requests for standard services, information, or access to IT resources. Fulfill requests efficiently, ensuring timely delivery and meeting user expectations.

Demand Management

Forecast and understand the demand for IT services within your organization. Optimize the utilization of IT resources, balance workload, and allocate resources effectively to meet the changing demands of the business.

Incident Management

Minimize disruption and promptly restore normal service operations when incidents occur.

Contract Management

Manage contracts between your organization and your suppliers or vendors to ensure that both parties meet their obligations and achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

Change Enablement

Successfully plan, coordinate, and implement changes to IT services and infrastructure while minimizing disruptions and maximizing the effectiveness of the changes implemented.

Release Management

Manage the entire release lifecycle: plan, coordinate, and control the deployment of new or modified IT services into your live environment.

Problem Management

Identify the root cause of recurring incidents and proactively resolve them to prevent future occurrences and improve overall system stability.

Deployment Management

Ensure a successful and controlled rollout of new or updated IT services into the operational environment while minimizing impact on users and the business.

Knowledge Management

Capture, organize, store, and share knowledge within your organization to support efficient and effective service delivery. More about our Knowledge Management solution.

Financial Management

Ensure transparency, cost-effectiveness, and value for money in your IT investments and expenditures. More about IT Financial Management.


Implement a flexible ITSM system

The Serviceware ITSM solution is a modular system that is easily adopted to your needs. Enhance your service with these featured capabilities.

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AI-driven automation

AI automates routine tasks like ticket classification, finds answers to users' queries and generates email replies, speeding up response times and boosting the service agent's productivity. More AI features →.

IT Service Catalog

Define and create IT service catalogs to keep a clear overview of your service offering. Provide a primary reference point for your IT service management and use the catalog to improve the planning and budgeting of your IT and shared services.

Service Portal

An easy-access web interface between the Serviceware platform and your users. Create a comprehensive self-service offering for users by incorporating your Service Catalog and widgets, such as company news and knowledge base articles.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

An integrated asset & configuration management database brings transparency into your infrastructure and helps to minimize business risks.

Analytics & reporting

Gather and leverage your data to continuously and sustainably optimize your IT service quality. Our software comes with an extensive set of standard and customizable reports. 


Get your customers' feedback on your service offering quickly and easily. With the survey tool, you can easily create reusable surveys that can be automatically integrated into your business processes.

Chat, bots and more

From phone, chat, email, to web portal: grant around-the-clock access to your IT services on multiple communication channels.

Enterprise Service Management

Connect your ITSM workflows to other processes for Enterprise Service Management, such as HR, Customer Service and Facility Management.


Integrate your IT systems into your Serviceware solution via easy-to-configure interfaces.

Service tickets processed by Serviceware AI:


Customer queries automatically answered by Serviceware AI:


Artificial Intelligence

AI features for Service Management

Reduce Average Handling Time and improve Customer Effort Score with these AI features. Find out more about our AI vision.

Customer self-service

Serviceware AI provides automated, natural language responses to individual customer requests across all channels (web forms, email, chat).

Process automation

Let AI analyze, classify, prioritize and route incoming tickets.

Reduce tickets

AI answers questions typed into a contact form, before the message is sent to a service agent.

Service agent assistance

Relevant answers to inquiries are provided to the service agent, based on previously solved cases and the company knowledge base. Complete (email) responses are generated in natural language.

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What our customers say

Serviceware helps us fulfil complex requirements. Thanks to the high flexibility and adaptability of the system, new processes can be easily integrated.

Markus Schäfer
Technical Project Manager, DFS

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With Serviceware, we implemented an organization-wide platform for all customers queries. The system facilitates fast, informative responses, consistent documentation, and efficient routing of tickets for the entire enterprise.

Alexander Weber
Project Head Customer Service, DFH

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Serviceware perfectly maps all standard ITSM processes. In addition, we can even manage our non-ITIL change processes. Above all, we can map our budget planning and order processes in the platform.

Michael Speckamp
LBS West

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