Serviceware Sustainability Strategy 2030

The goal of the Serviceware Sustainability Strategy 2030 is to align Serviceware sustainably in the areas of "Environment", "Social", and "Economy & Governance" by providing the basis for the corporate actions of all Serviceware employees.

The strategy is intended to make the ambitions in the individual areas transparent and thus serve as an orientation for decisions and actions within Serviceware.

The Serviceware Sustainability Strategy 2030 has resulted from a strategy process that extensively and personally involved all key stakeholders. The Serviceware Materiality Matrix, from which the focus topics of the Serviceware sustainability strategy are derived, incorporates comprehensive feedback from employees, customers, partners and shareholders.

Strategic fields of action of the Serviceware Sustainability Strategy 2030

The three strategic fields of action combine two currently leading views on the topic of sustainability: the three-pillar model of sustainability from the Bundtland Report of the United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development (ecological, economic and social sustainability) and the perspective of sustainable corporate management ESG (environmental, social, governance).

They are directly related to our business activities and reflect the sustainability factors relevant to Serviceware.

In addition, we have assigned the corresponding United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (UN Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs).

All fields of action are of equal importance, are directly related, and complement each other to form guardrails towards sustainable corporate development.

Serviceware Sustainability Strategy - Environment


The sustainable use of our environment and all its resources is in line with our philosophy

A climate- and resource-friendly future is our goal, and we act accordingly.


People are at the center of our success, as team members and business partners

Mutual respect and appreciation are the building blocks for fair and excellent collaboration with our business partners and team members.

Economy and Governance

Ethical conduct is the basis of our economic activity

Since our foundation in 1998, adherence to the principle of legality and acting responsibly and fairly in our business dealings have always been and will always be the cornerstone of Serviceware’s corporate values.


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