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Simplify field service scheduling and logistics in your organization with our Field Service Management Software. Record hours and activities in real-time with a click of a button and involve customers in your planning process.

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Field Service Management software

Serviceware Resources is your field service management solution for smart planning of appointments, a self-planning portal for clients and customers, and route planning for field services. Using state-of-the-art algorithms our software seamlessly streamlines the wishes and needs of customers, field workers, and your organization.

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Provide better care for your patients

Improve care logistics both at the organization (such as polyclinics and blood collection centers) and en route (such as home care).

Patients can plan appointments themselves using the web-based appointment scheduler. Serviceware Resources also offers a native app that care professionals can use to plan appointements and administer time and activities, including digital forms.

Define the availability of your resources

Both patients and care professionals can record their availability in Serviceware Resources. Patients can store their preferred times and other details such as preferred employees and required competences in the Service Schedule module. Patients and their preferences can then be easily matched with the available care professionals.

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Stay in touch with your patients

With Serviceware Resources you can notify patients via sms, e-mail or letter about any new or changed appointment. Patients can also be invited to contact the organization via telephone where a call center employee can schedule an appointment in the system.

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One centralized, automated platform

Our Serviceware platform can be of great benefit to any healthcare organization. Consider knowledge management within your organization using Serviceware Knowledge or generating key financial insights with Serviceware Financial. Easily integrate and connect your data in one single enterprise solution.

Scheduling appointments hassle free with Serviceware Resources Appointment Scheduling

More and more organizations are switching to appointment-based services. Serviceware Resources offers a unique solution for planning and registering appointments. With Serviceware Resources Appointment Scheduling your customers can make an appointment online. No account needed. Smart algorithms help find a fitting location, date, and time for the appointment. All schedules and overviews are managed in Serviceware Resources.

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"We are able to reduce the risk for an infection to an absolute minimum and we appreciate the enhanced utilization of our valuable facilities."

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Our Advantages

Optimize and manage your field services

Many organizations use Serviceware Resources to improve their care services. Hundreds of routes and thousands of appointments are scheduled every day using Resources. And every care moment is recorded and administered with a few clicks. Organizations that use Resources for their care planning and logistics perform better and provide better care. 

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Appointment scheduling

With Serviceware Resources appointment scheduling is made easy with one of the most sophisticated solutions in the market. Patients can plan and manage their own appointments with the web-based appointment scheduler. The Planning Suggestion Engine Algorithm helps to find the perfect slot. Thousands of appointments are made each day with the Resources Appointment Scheduler. 

Free up capacity

Of course, Serviceware Resources offers real-time insight in the occupancy rate of consultation rooms and sessions. It is even possible to open extra sessions in case demand is higher than expected or close sessions if demand is low. This allows the organization to free up capacity and use it elsewhere. 

Rehabilitation care for the elderly

The planning of multi-disciplinary rehabilitation trajectories can be quite challenging. Various disciplines such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, geriatric doctors and psychiatrists all request time with the patient. And don’t forget the needs and possibilities of the patient himself. With Resources you can plan patients and multi-disciplinary teams in individual appointments or group sessions. 

Home care nursing services

With ambulatory care, our multi route optimizer ensures efficient routes with less travelling distance and CO2 emissions and foremost more care within the available time constraints. Home care employees are equipped with a native app on their smart phone and have real-time access to their schedule. Care assignments for patients can be managed in a detailed manner and include preferred employees and time. 

File all care tasks automatically

All care and task registrations are stored in Resources and can be exported to any other system for invoicing or salary payment. Also, the contents of the digital work orders (Dynamic Forms) can be transferred to external systems. 

Routing of mobile agents / field service engineers

The scheduling of routes for mobile agents and field service engineers can be generated with Serviceware Resources, using the Multi Route Optimizer (MRO) planning engine. Increase the efficiency of your field service organization and provide better services to your customers. Record time and activities with the Resources app, including digital work orders using our Dynamic Forms solution. 

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