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Case Studies

Chempark operator Currenta is really impressed by the new dimension of transparency

Currenta is introducing a new solution for your IT service management with Serviceware, aimed at responding quickly and professionally to service enquiries by staff.  

“Knowledge management always has time” - Serviceware Knowledge at BGV

The insurance group BGV Badische Versicherungen (BGV) offers insurance cover for private, corporate and munici¬pal customers all over Germany. This also includes a comprehensive customer service around the BGV insurance policies. The necessary knowledge for a quick and reliable dealing with all customer requests is made available by BGV to its employees through Serviceware Knowledge.

The 5 central success factors for digital customer service

Digitization aggravates the demands being made towards customer service centers. Digital offerings are booming. You don't want to get left behind? Find out in our guide how you can digitize your customer service without falling into any hidden traps.

Who's the #1 provider for IT and Enterprise Service Management SaaS and software?

Hundreds of IT budget managers have decided: When it comes to IT, SaaS and Enterprise Service Management, Serviceware is at the top of the vendor selection matrix.

5 Tips for Optimizing Your IT Budget Planning

These days it is impossible to gather information on IT budgeting without hearing and reading about the importance of sustainable, future-proof IT Financial Management.

Find out how to efficiently optimize your IT budget!

Serviceware Processes at Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH

Serviceware Processes helps them to handle the necessary documentation processes efficiently.

Customer service at Commerzbank uses SABIO, the Serviceware knowledge solution.

Customer service at Commerzbank brings up the exact right information on the screen when the customer consultants need it. How? With SABIO, the Serviceware knowledge solution.

LBS West implemented a central system with Serviceware that controls the entire interaction between operational departments

LBS West is introducing a central system together with Serviceware that controls the entire interaction between operative departments and EDP. Thereby the company consistently ensures clear processes in the interaction between business and IT.

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