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Corporate Performance Management

Corporate Performance Management software gives controllers the tools they need to provide business unit managers, CFOs and business leaders with the right metrics when they need them. 

Software for all phases of Corporate Performance Management

Planning and forecasting

This phase encompasses traditional financial planning for companies, encompassing financial management and including contemporary budgeting. It entails outlining plans and objectives for various functional areas and departments within your company for the upcoming period—typically the fiscal year. The plan serves as a guiding framework, against which the company and its distinct divisions are assessed.

Reporting and dashboarding

Reporting and dashboarding constitute one of the two primary disciplines of business intelligence (BI). This discipline centers on the ongoing monitoring of actual developments in comparison to the targeted plan, the desired state, and historical data.


The second facet of business intelligence involves business analytics. When discrepancies emerge in the target-actual comparison within reporting, it prompts an exploration of the reasons behind such variations.

Scenario-based simulation and modeling of alternatives

At the conclusion of the planning cycle, preparations for replanning are initiated. Drawing on available data—examining the planned versus actual developments and market trends—assumptions can be formulated about the future trajectory.

Transform raw data into actionable intelligence

Our Corporate Performance Management tool transforms your raw data into actionable intelligence through a seamless blend of data acquisition, preparation, presentation, and analysis. 

  • BI within Corporate Performance Management looks back, offering a valuable retrospective perspective. With approved plans in motion, harness actual data for a competitive advantage.
  • In unforeseen circumstances, our BI reporting uncovers deviations between actual and planned data, leading to in-depth analysis, root cause identification, and actionable recommendations. Seize opportunities to reinforce strengths and navigate challenges confidently.
  • Understand the significance of your figures by placing them in context. Compare past performance, align with goals, and analyze market dynamics to derive meaningful insights. 
  • Prepare and communicate insights in a way that resonates with your management. We understand the nuances of reporting preferences, delivering meaningful information that drives decisions.

AI-powered predictive planning and business intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), when used correctly, have the potential to bridge the gap between greatly increased planning needs and reduced resource availability. In the process, recurring routine tasks are automated with the help of AI and ML, so that the controlling team can focus on more important tasks and analyses.

In pattern recognition and analyzing extensive data sets, algorithms outperform humans, especially in detecting pattern deviations. When assessing individual risk scenarios in uncertain conditions, individuals with expertise and experience achieve superior results.

At this intersection, humans and machines complement each other seamlessly. Our AI-supported software establishes a solid factual basis to reflect reality accurately. Controllers build scenarios on this foundation, offering recommendations to senior management, enabling executives to make optimal decisions.

Enhance your CPM workflow with AI

  • Effortlessly incorporate our AI module into your application environment

  • Develop a data model just once and "train" it to suit your specific needs. As the "machine" learns, its predictive capabilities improve with each processed dataset, delivering faster and more accurate results.

  • Leverage your (historical) data to forecast various scenarios and optimize new planning cycles

  • Automate repetitive tasks seamlessly by allowing the AI module to handle them

  • Prior expertise in programming or data science is not required

Yan Qu, Product Owner Serviceware Performance AI, explains why companies should embrace AI-enabled predictive planning and business intelligence today.

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