Conversational Business

24/7 availability. Quick and reliable solutions. This is what good customer service is all about. The Serviceware Platform supports you in achieving this goal with modern chat technology and smart AI.


Inspire with AI powered chat solutions

Profit from the advantages of a chatbot on your homepage or in your internal service offering. A high volume of queries can be resolved quickly and efficiently via conversational AI and thus relieve your customer service.

Moderne Service-Erlebnisse mit Hilfe von Messengern, Chatbots und Sprachassistenten schaffen - Conversational Business
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Automated AI guided dialogs handle a higher number of requests with no extra effort.

24/7 availability

Help your customers handle their requests at their convenience via the Solution Bot. Better accessibility boosts customer satisfaction.

Ease of use

Teaching your chatbot what it needs to know is easy and you can keep it up to date with minimal effort. Your ROI is quickly achieved.

Your solution

Serviceware chatbot stands for:

  • Fast implementation

The Serviceware Solution Bot delivers what's important, fast: solutions for the concerns of your customers.

  • Compatibility

With coordinated interfaces and integration options, we guarantee a seamless connection to your systems. Our products adapt individually to your use case.

  • User-friendliness

Intuitive user interfaces ensure high acceptance and satisfaction among customers and employees.

What's inside

These Serviceware chatbot features guarantee success

Flow Design

Define the history of standard requests simply by dragging and dropping in the BPMN-based designer.

Intent Recognition & Entity Extraction

Let AI automatically analyze incoming chats, identify relevant data (e.g., customer number), and route them to the right process.

Agent Handover

Hand off chat histories to service agents based on rules to further address complex, new, or infrequent concerns.

Question & Answering

Answer questions in the chat automatically with solutions from your knowledge database.

Conversation Heatmaps

Use clear, graphical analyses to identify which topics are frequently requested and where dialogs break off, and continuously improve your flows.

Flexible Design

For a consistent user experience, the entire chat can be customized to match the corporate identity. From the size of the chat box to the color scheme and fonts.


Do you operate internationally? No problem. The AI chatbot will answer queries in multiple languages if you provide the necessary information.

Data Protection

The Solution Bot is based on a data-secure, fully transparent and documented cloud infrastructure.

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