AI redefines service excellence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the transformative technology in today’s business landscape. One of the key advantages of AI is automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks. By harnessing the power of machine learning (ML) algorithms and data analytics, AI:

  • Enables businesses to automate processes
  • Enhances customer experience
  • Helps make more informed decisions
  • Reduces operational costs
  • Drives competitive advantage in the digital age
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Serviceware SE pushes the use of Artificial Intelligence and integrates OpenAI (ChatGPT) into platform

By integrating OpenAI, Serviceware combines human service agents as a point of contact for more complex customer requests with artificial intelligence.

Innovations for practical AI applications

    Serviceware is proud to be leading the research and development of artificial intelligence for service processes and financial planning. The dedicated team at our AI innovation lab works in close cooperation with the Technical University (TU) Darmstadt where esteemed Professor Dr. Peter Buxmann, Chair of Business Informatics at TU Darmstadt, researches the impact of artificial intelligence on business and the economy.

    The introduction of ChatGPT has given another huge impulse to the use of generative AI, particularly in customer service management. Today we feed our processes with AI-boosted and AI-optimized data. In the next evolutionary step we will see AI helping to design fully automated workflows for real customer requirements in order to improve service excellence.


    Unlocking the full value of your data

    Every algorithm, even the most intelligent, relies on data. Whether it exists in distributed databases, whether structured or unstructured: in the age of AI data must exist. 

    Our decades-long experience building software, working with clients and developing models has provided us with terabytes of data points to train our software. Serviceware software solutions, and in turn our customers, continue to benefit from the accumulative effect of this learning. Processes become smarter, clients win.

    The Serviceware Enterprise Service Management platform learns from and works with: 

    • Workflow and process data

    • Service ticket data

    • Service catalog allocations

    • Financial planning data

    • Knowledge content and data 

    Flexibly leveraging these data in real time, driven by the best programmed and trained algorithms which are language- and sentiment-aware: That’s the Serviceware AI advantage.

    "Anyone and everyone can use ChatGPT today and enter prompts, similar to Google. In the end, though, it always comes down to the right data, because without accurate data, even the best algorithms are helpless."

    Professor Dr. Peter Buxmann
    Chair of Business Informatics, TU Darmstadt

    Adrian Engelbrecht and Professor Dr. Peter Buxmann

    Dr. Adrian Engelbrecht and Professor Dr. Peter Buxmann

    Our AI track record

    “AI will impact workplaces and by extension service processes more and more in the future. The use of AI will significantly contribute to global growth effects. During this development, the synergy between science, industry, and politics is paramount, and our cooperation with Serviceware fits perfectly into this framework.”

    Professor Dr. Hans Jürgen Prömel
    Former President, Technical University Darmstadt

    The Serviceware Platform: turning AI into business value

    Generative AI combines unstructured information from diverse data sources to generate context-specific and personalized information and workflows for both service consumers and service managers. Machine learning enhances planning capabilities by providing predictive modeling, scenario-based planning, control, and validation processes. Today, numerous AI applications are actively used by many of our Serviceware Platform customers:

    Chatbot solutions

    AI supports you to easily create and run fully automated or hybrid chatbot solutions for your customers and employees using Natural Language Processing (NLP).

    Content and knowledge optimization

    AI helps build and optimize your knowledge base by creating content, consolidating, integrating and merging articles.

    Service ticket classification and routing

    AI steers the evaluation and allocation of service requests through keyword and sentiment analysis.

    Generate answers automatically

    AI answers queries in natural language based on valid information from the knowledge database.

    Scenario-based, predictive corporate planning

    Machine learning introduces a new flexibility to your financial business planning and forecasting with scenario-based modeling.

    IT Financial Management (ITFM) and Technology Business Management (TBM)

    Machine learning helps you to project the profitability of your IT service portfolio when considering changes to your service catalog.

    "Generative AI and machine learning are the key transformational factors in Enterprise Service Management in general and in Customer Service Management in particular. We recognized this early on and consequently introduced our AI innovation lab. Today, we offer pioneering AI solutions via the Serviceware platform that bring measurable customer benefits."

    Dirk K. Martin
    CEO, Serviceware SE

    Our vision

    Serviceware enables people to achieve their ambitions in the service economy - revolutionized by AI

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