Serviceware SE and TU Darmstadt cooperate in the sector of artificial intelligence

Serviceware SE and the Technical University (TU) Darmstadt have started cooperating on joint research in the field of artificial intelligence and have signed a corresponding cooperation agreement for this venture.

The goal of this cooperation is to do research on current issues of artificial intelligence. Research results are supposed to help develop application opportunities for artificial intelligence in the digital economy. Under the direction of IT business engineer and AI expert Prof. Dr. Peter Buxmann, Serviceware and TU Darmstadt are planning the execution of joint studies on artificial intelligence. 


Scientific insights and concrete impulses for Serviceware’s product development  

Apart from general insights for the scientific community and the software industry, Serviceware expects to gain concrete impulses for the development of their integrated Enterprise Service Management (ESM) platform. In the future, the Serviceware Platform is meant to use artificial intelligence in tandem with their existing database to accelerate and optimize service processes and decisions. Even in the short term, AI will be able to help with the processing of routine tasks. One specific area of application would be the knowledge management module of the ESM developed by Serviceware’s subsidiary SABIO.


TU Darmstadt – Leaders in AI research  

TU Darmstadt is known for its excellent reputation in the field of artificial intelligence and internationally it is listed among the leading AI research facilities in Europe. The university stands out among other institutions in Germany and offers the necessary interdisciplinarity to optimally approach the potential of AI. Chancellor Angela Merkel once said that the TU Darmstadt is “a gem when it comes to questions of artificial intelligence.” 


AI as a key to the successful digitization of service processes

Dirk K. Martin, CEO and founder of Serviceware: “With the TU Darmstadt we have gained an excellent partner in the field of artificial intelligence. Combining research and practical implementation is essential to guarantee that the German software industry will play a shaping role internationally in approaching this huge topic. Of course, we are proud that the university chose our mid-sized software company as a partner for AI research. Looking into the future, this cooperation specifically and artificial intelligence in general will contribute to Serviceware consolidating its leading position in the digitization of service processes in Europe and will enable us to provide our customers with even more efficient software solutions.” 

Professor Dr. Hans Jürgen Prömel, president of the Technical University Darmstadt: “AI will impact workplaces and by extension service processes more and more in the future. The use of AI will significantly contribute to global growth effects. During this development, the synergy between science, industry, and politics is paramount, and our cooperation with Serviceware fits perfectly into this framework.”