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Get rid of ever-growing Excel sheets. Our ITFM software helps companies manage their IT costs effectively by using reliable data and providing clear metrics. Find out how much value IT adds to your organization.

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Become a strategic visionary

Redefine your role as a CIO

Elevate your role from a mere cost manager to a strategic visionary, armed with the insights needed to shape the financial trajectory of the company and steer your organization toward sustainable growth and success.


What IT executives say

"Serviceware Financial is the technical basis for Volkswagen Group’s IT Service Catalog and essential for group-wide cost allocation and IT service charging."

Steinar Páll Landrø
IT Service Portfolio Steering, Volkswagen Group

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“Serviceware Financial is the only solution that enables me to map out multi-dimensional service value-creation chains. That’s exactly the transparency needed to allocate service costs and the cost drivers involved.”

Jens-Uwe Siems
Head of IT Service Management, ZF Group

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“With Serviceware Financial, our product managers can automatically calculate the TCO of their services and create cost transparency in comparison with the actual data.”

Andreas Hammer
Manager Controlling Processes & Charging, BASF Digital Solutions GmbH

“From data to dashboard, team Serviceware’s approach to ITFM and Technology Business Management is unique: they exude service excellence in all processes. Multi-cloud customers should expect to cut costs using VMware Aria Cost powered by CloudHealth’s structured data and Serviceware Financials speedy time-to-value and TCO planning and reporting platform.”

Brigitte Orth
Director of Channel, VMware Germany

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ITFM software benefits

Data quality you can trust


  • Turn reliable data into actionable strategies

Our ITFM software is set up with a central database where your data is stored and kept up-to-date. Take the focus away from validating data and instead focus exclusively on conducting analyses, generating reports and taking action.

  • Apply your Excel knowledge while avoiding Excel-related risks

Users need only a brief introduction of our ITFM software as it provides a familiar Excel-like environment with features like pivot tables. Ease-of-use allows you to remain independent from IT resources or consultants so you can swiftly achieve timely tasks like planning and month-end closing. Avoid data errors and security issues and guarantee compliance with financial regulations.

  • Customize as you need

Our ITFM software is flexible and customizable. There are no rigid specifications for certain procedures. Changes to your business model, service structure and processes can be implemented quickly and easily.

  • Use a single interface for all your work

Avoid switching between different applications. Our ITFM software ensures that there are no interruptions when moving between planning and reporting tasks.

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Serviceware is your trusted partner

Our Serviceware experts draw on decades of experience in the implementation of numerous large-scale cost and activity allocation projects. This know-how, leveraging the best of both classic strategy and IT consulting, leads to the mapping of the complete value chain of individual services. Our success is rooted in understanding our clients' unique concerns and requirements. And we ensure that what we propose is achievable for your business, and audit-proof.

Our track record speaks volumes - we boast a roster of satisfied clients, from medium-sized businesses to renowned DAX-listed companies to global enterprises, all from various industries.

Serviceware. That's how.

What's the difference


Technology Business Management (TBM) is an extension of IT Financial Management (ITFM) and was defined by the independent TBM Council. The goal of TBM is to make the value of all IT investments measurable and to record the costs transparently. This enables CIOs and CFOs to make a data-driven assessment of the value created by IT services and investments.

Serviceware has developed the Digital Value Model, based on the taxonomy of Technology Business Management (TBM), to save companies millions in IT costs. The complexity within ITFM is met with maximum transparency, a sophisticated steering logic, KPI, best practices and consulting services that drive digital value. Vast amounts of data can be processed in the Digital Value Cost Model, to accelerate digital transformation and bring efficiency, effectiveness and productivity through IT Financial Management.

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Serviceware Financial

Simulation and Cost Modeling

Gain insight into service cost modeling and simulation with a concrete application example: How to easily calculate and simulate changes in the composition of your services. What happens when new employees join and are added? To what extent does this affect the cost of services?

Serviceware Financial

Cloud Cost Management

See how you can easily identify potential savings, calculate the Total Cost of Ownership of your cloud and on-premises services, visualize the composition of services with the Visual Service Analyzer and create what-if analyses.

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