Knowledge Management

Manage all your knowledge from a single, central knowledge base.

A single source of truth for your knowledge

In today's tech-savvy landscape, businesses are adopting an array of tools like CRM, ERM, ERP, chat, and messaging platforms. However, this data explosion often leads to a significant challenge – organizing and managing the wealth of information generated. With our knowledge management solution, supported by AI, you can effortlessly maintain a centralized knowledge database.

The benefits are plenty:

  • Consistent and high-quality information delivered across all channels.
  • Valuable time saved by your staff when searching for answers or addressing inquiries. 
  • Your organization's knowledge continuity is safeguarded, even in the absence of employees or when they move on.
  • Connect departmental data for valuable insights and company-wide smart workflows.

Reduce average handling time by 20%
Increase first contact resolution rate by 25%
Increase customer satisfaction by 30%

Use Cases for Knowledge Management

Customer Service

Easily manage and access updated service center knowledge to empower agents and boost service KPIs.


Ensure your chatbot provides consistent, scalable, and accurate responses by serving as its foundational information source.

Field Service

Mobile apps provide field service teams with reliable, centralized knowledge for instant, on-the-spot customer support and quick issue resolution.


Streamline IT and development project management, enable swift problem-solving, and integrate seamlessly with helpdesk tools like Freshdesk or Zendesk for efficient ticket resolution.


Enhance HR by providing smooth onboarding, safeguard sensitive data, and enable quick access to relevant contacts.

Marketing and Sales

Unite sales and marketing teams, simplify access to essential resources, and accelerate the creation of effective sales content.

Added value

Get the most out of your knowledge base

Robust AI capabilities: Create and manage content, generate personalized replies to queries quickly, and anticipate customer needs by providing answers before they even arrive at the service desk.

Provide your knowledge via the many app integration, browser extension, and widget options.

Take knowledge everywhere with our mobile app. Available for iOS and Android devices.

See which content is highly frequented or ranks poorly with our pre-configured and customizable reports. Export reports for further analysis.

AI makes knowledge management easy

Let AI get repetitive and bulk tasks out of the way so your team can focus on more meaningful work and interactions. Get more done in less time, and enjoy doing it.

Content creation and quality control

Generative AI helps create knowledge articles and keep them organized, ensures quality, and keeps the knowledge base consistent.

Reduce tickets

AI answers questions typed into a contact form, before the message is sent to a service agent.

Generate responses

Generative AI assists service agents composing individual responses in natural language to incoming service requests, based on texts from your knowledge base.

Smart search

Smart search looks beyond exact-matching keywords to find synonyms and related content that matches the search intent.

Serviceware Case Studies

Knowledge management software in practice

“Mapping knowledge in a more context-dependent manner in the central application not only simplifies our employees' daily work, but also helps our customers to receive answers and information even more quickly."

Silke Hauser
Head of Information and Communication Solutions Department

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"What we have put together under the title 'Scaling of Knowledge' in just a few months is absolutely worth looking at and, in many respects, unique."

Nicolai Hardt
Head of Digitalization and Development, Commerz Direktservice GmbH

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“On average, each employee accesses the knowledge database 30 to 40 times a day. Via Serviceware Knowledge, they find the answers to most questions on their own. And the most important thing: they find them immediately. Because knowledge management is always available.”

Anja Bischof
Knowledge Management, BGV

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Why choose Serviceware

Free Serviceware Knowledge trial

  • Quick start

Just kick off with a trial version and give it a try. When you go live, simply continue where you left off in the trial. If needed, use our workshops and quick start packages for a straightforward rollout.

  • Seamless operation

As your software as a service vendor, we manage all aspects of your system administration. We ensure seamless operation by delivering outstanding performance, airtight data protection, and a constant stream of new features.

  • Many integration capabilities

Integrate Serviceware Knowledge into your established standard systems. Use your knowledge base in your CRM, e-commerce system or customer support ticket management.

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