Software for effective knowledge management

Knowledge is a powerful asset. This is especially true for customer service. With Serviceware Knowledge, the world's easiest knowledge management software, you can put knowledge exactly where it's needed.


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Serviceware integrates OpenAI (ChatGPT) into platform

Use AI to automatically generate individual responses for incoming service requests, based on your Serviceware knowledge base. The AI offers relevant knowledge articles and composes answers so the service agent can send a reply in a matter of clicks.

The solution

Serviceware Knowledge

Your team needs to deliver the right answers to a wide variety of requests. This makes it all the more important to keep your organization's knowledge readily available for your customers, effectively and sustainablly: Anytime, anywhere.

By sharing the same information across the entire organization, you will improve internal processes in addition to boosting your customer service. Set the stage for smart process workflows that can be applied across all departments in the company. Use our software to improve your knowledge management and link information from all departments to generate valuable new insights.

Serviceware Knowledge lets you manage all your knowledge in one central knowledge base. An easy-to-use interface ensures that all users get exactly the knowledge they need – when they need it.


Key features

Consolidate knowledge in a single source of truth
Benefit from AI-powered editing tools
Improve the customer experience by providing knowledge via self-service
AI uses your knowledge base to swiftly generate answers to requests and queries.
Provide contextual knowledge through FAQs, integrations and website widgets
Integrate knowledge as a source for your chat bot's responses

Serviceware Case Studies

Knowledge management software in practice

“Mapping knowledge in a more context-dependent manner in the central application not only simplifies our employees' daily work, but also helps our customers to receive answers and information even more quickly."

Silke Hauser
Head of Information and Communication Solutions Department

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"What we have put together under the title 'Scaling of Knowledge' in just a few months is absolutely worth looking at and, in many respects, unique."

Nicolai Hardt
Head of Digitalization and Development, Commerz Direktservice GmbH

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“On average, each employee accesses the knowledge database 30 to 40 times a day. Via Serviceware Knowledge, they find the answers to most questions on their own. And the most important thing: they find them immediately. Because knowledge management is always available.”

Anja Bischof
Knowledge Management, BGV

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Commerz Direktservice


How does Serviceware Knowledge work?


Knowledge for customers and employees

Finding things instead of searching for them: With a centrally maintained knowledge database, your staff saves valuable time each day answering questions. In the event that employees get sick or leave the company, the knowledge remains in the organization. A central knowledge database has several advantages: you save time and money, and also ensure the quality of the information that goes out to your customers, since everyone has access to the same source.

Quick & reliable information

Thanks to its powerful search engine, Serviceware Knowledge can provide everything you are looking for. Find relevant knowledge either in your own content or within uploaded documents.

Smart search

Smart algorithms that learn will improve your search. Find knowledge faster with automatic suggestions and recommendations. Synonyms even help you find knowledge you haven't searched for yet.

Relevant results

Search results are dynamically displayed according to relevance and can be further narrowed down using filters. That way, you can quickly find the right answer.


Organize knowledge efficiently

A user-friendly interface ensures that everyone can easily handle the software's knowledge management. The retrieval of knowledge, the conception and also the maintenance and input of information all work quickly and intuitively.

Smart knowledge tree

Manage your knowledge tree directly in the user interface. Simply drag and drop knowledge elements and documents to customize your structure. There is no easier way to organize knowledge.

Reliable, targeted information

Thanks to an approval workflow and rights management, teams and customers always see only verified and relevant content that is useful for their work.

AI-powered editorial assistant

Create and curate knowledge content quickly and easily with the Content Creation Assistant. You can detect redundancies and missing links as well as edit content side by side that occurs in multiple places.


Share information in context

Thanks to the digital solution for your knowledge management, you always have all important data at hand, wherever you are. The fact that all information is available digitally means that it can be optimally integrated into all workflows. It's efficient, reduces search times and prevents media disruptions.

In the customer portal and on the website

Provide answers to common questions in FAQs on the website or in the portal. Or - even easier - use the search function from your browser's context menu to display search results from Serviceware Knowledge.

While chatting with your customers

Use the AI-assisted solution bot to answer questions in the chat automatically from the knowledge database. That way, you offer fast self-service for the inquirer and relieve the service team.

In your e-mail inbox

Send messages to a specific group or your whole team in Serviceware Knowledge. You can track who has read messages and who has not. In addition, you can send messages via e-mail, prioritize them and assign a validity date.


Knowledge management software by Serviceware stands for:

  • Quick start

Just kick off with a test installation and give it a try. When you go live, simply take your knowledge with you. If needed, use our workshops and quick start packages for a straightforward rollout.

  • Self-service expertise

With your knowledge management software from Serviceware, you will lay the foundation for your self-service offering. Use your knowledge in FAQ portals, in a chat and make your knowledge base available in the customer portal.

  • High integration capability

Integrate Serviceware Knowledge into your established standard systems. For example, you can use your knowledge base in your CRM or e-commerce system or the ticket system in customer support.

Knowledge Management Resources

Case Study

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Customer service at Commerzbank uses Serviceware Knowledge

Customer service at Commerzbank brings up the exact right information on the screen when the customer consultants need it. How? With  Serviceware Knowledge.

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