Case Study Serviceware Knowledge

DPD iloxx

A parcel carrier (CEP) handling 4 million parcels a day

With a service center providing sales and technical service support for small and medium sized business customers, as well as worldwide customer service, DPD iloxx is 100% owned by DPD Group with a total of 8.000 employees.

DPD Logo.

„The clearly and neatly structured knowledge database assists training new staff and supports all employees in relation to the dissemination of knowledge. It also has a decisive impact on maintaining consistently high quality customer support."

Dirk Benninghaus
Project Lead at DPD iloxx eService GmbH

Initial situation & challenges

The initial situation presented significant challenges within DPD illox customer service operations.

Their knowledge structure was fragmented and intricate, requiring agents to sift through multiple databases, portals, and intranets to find answers. Keeping various departmental operation and receiver manuals up to date was proving to be a daunting task. Additionally, their reliance on Outlook as the primary tool for group notifications was impeding the smooth flow of knowledge transfer. Furthermore, they faced the issue of several file servers containing content that occasionally lagged behind in terms of updates.

These challenges necessitated a comprehensive overhaul of their knowledge management approach to streamline operations and ensure up-to-date, accessible information for their team.


The primary objectives encompass the establishment of a unified "single point of truth" (SPOT) to consolidate all service center knowledge, while simultaneously cultivating and upholding a uniform knowledge standard for all service agents. This pursuit is driven by the overarching goal of ensuring a seamless and expeditious knowledge dissemination across all service departments, thereby enabling a swifter onboarding process for new employees.

By achieving these objectives, we aspire to enhance efficiency, consistency, and knowledge cohesion within the service center operations.

Success at a glance

  • Partial intranet replacement with Serviceware Knowledge as "single point of truth"
  • Digitalization of operations- and receiver manuals within Serviceware Knowledge
  • Replacement of Outlook as internal communications tool with Serviceware Knowledge news function
  • Faster and more successful onboarding process for new staff
  • Greater agent confidence when providing information
  • Improved quality of responses and excellence of service
  • Thoroughly structured and up-to-date knowledge content

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