Corporate Performance Management

Serviceware Performance

Plan, monitor, and analyze your business performance with our software for budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and strategic management.

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Serviceware Platform Release: Performance 9.8

Analyze, Visualize, and Manage Your Data

New features designed to benefit controllers, planners, service owners, and administrators:

  • Workbook Designer
  • New features in Serviceware Performance Analytics: 
    • Comment attachments and rich text
    • Drillthrough: Visualize detailed data about aggregated data in Analytics
  • Search function in combo boxes in detail modules
  • Improved data management

The solution

Corporate Performance Management software

Dependable information forms the foundation for charting a successful course in any company. Without a strong database, it's hard to plan, create successful strategies, and make decisions for the future.

Serviceware Performance provides instant access to pertinent facts, allowing you to gauge successes through live data, pinpoint deviations, and make necessary adjustments effortlessly, offering comprehensive functionalities for the ongoing enhancement of decision-making and control processes.

  • Business Intelligence functions
  • Modern Reporting
  • Ad-hoc analyses
  • Business applications
  • Pre-defined best practice templates
  • Flexible individualization of content


Efficient planning for coordinated activities and procedures of each business division

Flexible Corporate Planning

Use a flexible, database-supported solution to smartly consolidate different sub-plans in a single location.

Create context in your planning

Include comments, appendices, and side calculations alongside your figures to offer additional context for discussing your planned values.

Workflow process icon
Define your own release workflows

Use workflows to easily organize the submission and release of planning modules.

AI/ML Predictive Planning

Improve data quality and automate processes

Get started directly and conveniently via self-service

Easy access to machine learning, even without Data Science and programming skills.

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Achieve optimal results with powerful ML models

Increased precision in planning through the use of machine learning models.

More efficiency with AI and ML

Increasing efficiency in planning through scaling and automation.


Laying the foundation with analytics and reporting

Free Analysis

Enable your users to perform their own ad-hoc analyses in self-service.

Use extensive reporting possibilities

Format reports in your corporate design and send them automatically to your departments according to a fixed schedule.

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Mobile device support

Use the analysis of important company values also on your mobile phone or tablet.

Data integration

Unlimited analysis through the integration of cloud and on-premises environment

Business use

Free choice of operation between a cloud or on-premise environment. Our own data center ensures a high security standard for your data. We are independent and can operate individually to your needs. High-performance OLAP technology ensures data stability with large data volumes and many users in the planning and analysis environment.

User Experience

Scalability and flexibility through to self-service. Growing requirements in the company can be handled directly from the business department itself thanks to the intuitive user interface. Resource savings and IT relief thus ensure efficient results.

Standardized interfaces

Combining data from the various sources ensures fast and easy data evaluation. Discover correlations in the company at an early stage and take the necessary measures immediately. Avoid media discontinuities within the system landscape for more efficient & transparent corporate communication. The information is available at all times and everywhere where decisions are made.

Case study

Fast BI tool for global controlling at Vector Foiltec

The market leader in roof and facade solutions has completed more than 1,500 projects in over 100 different countries in recent decades. In doing so, the company is subject to various legal frameworks that differ from country to country. Vector Foiltec works with different ERP & project systems that are adapted to the respective companies. When looking for an integrated solution for planning, analysis and reporting for the entire group, the fast and intuitive BI tool was convincing.

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