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Analyst Report

Analysts' Assessment 2020: IT and Customer Service Software 2020

Find out about current trends in IT and enterprise service management in the RIA Vendor Selection 2020 Matrix™ and get an overview of the market situation.

Virtual Workforces, now rapid cost cutting – the next CIO challenge

The world of business transformation continues across all organizations – despite the COVID-19 crisis – whether it is in areas of Digital, Customer Experience, HR or any other.
You will get an understanding of how to continue to be the change agent the organization needs, how IT can lead the cost reduction program and why other CXO leaders need your help.

Make the Change: Implement Real-Time IT Cost Avoidance and Spend Reduction

IT has become increasingly complex to manage. Cloud Migrations and other investments in new tech spending to support digital transformation have significantly altered tech budgets in recent years. This means a big change for the role of a CIO, with far more emphasis being placed on innovation, transformation and agility, rather than purely technical capabilities.

With the ability to track not just costs but also volume of services consumed, Serviceware Financial enables organizations to shift from a fixed-allocation cost model for shared services to a usage-based one.

This incentivizes business managers to supervise their usage more prudently. Serviceware commissioned the leading analyst Forrester to carry out a study with a group of Serviceware  Customers, to measure the impact of  Serviceware Financial.

During this webinar we will discuss:

The challenges facing the CFO during transformations
How you can avoid up to €15 millions of costs over three years by diligent monitoring of service costs*
How to identify unnecessary applications or projects

*based on a €1 billion IT budget

Free Online-Consulting Serviceware Financial and Performance

Free online consulting on IT Financial Management and Corporate Performance Management to beat the economic crisis

  • Non-binding advice on corporate service portfolio and corporate performance planning
  • Assistance from a multitude of practical projects
  • Free creation of an individual recommendation and action plan

Chempark operator Currenta is really impressed by the new dimension of transparency

Currenta is introducing a new solution for your IT service management with Serviceware, aimed at responding quickly and professionally to service enquiries by staff.  

Serviceware SE and TU Darmstadt cooperate in the sector of artificial intelligence

Serviceware SE and the Technical University (TU) Darmstadt have started cooperating on joint research in the field of artificial intelligence and have signed a corresponding cooperation agreement for this venture.

10 Steps to successful IT Cost Management

Follow our guide to take your IT controlling to new heights. Learn how to optimize budgeting processes and save time and money in the short and the long term.