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Cloud costs under control? How to integrate your cloud services into your cost model

Cloud costs are rising yearly and are increasingly substituting companies' own infrastructure and on-premise landscape.
Due to the high flexibility, scalability, complex billing models and often decentralized procurement,…

What's new? Serviceware Knowledge 5.52!

The new version of Serviceware Knowledge (SABIO) will be released soon! In advance, we will present all important innovations to you!

Draw from our expertise and make the most of your Serviceware Knowledge system!

Our colleagues from the Product Management Team will introduce you to the new features and improvements. Afterwards, they will be happy to answer all your questions.

Customer service at Commerzbank uses Serviceware Knowledge

Customer service at Commerzbank brings up the exact right information on the screen when the customer consultants need it. How? With  Serviceware Knowledge.

Viseca - A Smart Way to Data

Viseca Card Services SA is one of the largest Swiss issuers of credit and prepaid cards. Over the years, their reporting became more sophisticated, while growth and acquisitions lead to a massive increase in data volume. A new tool was needed. After evaluating different solutions, the decision was clear: Serviceware Performance and Serviceware Performance AL would be the tool of choice for their future financial reporting and planning.

Building a Solid IT Cost Management Infrastructure

Download the white paper: 10 Steps to Successful IT Cost Management

Knowledge management across the company

How do you make knowledge available to everyone across the company, from Sales and Marketing to IT?

Planning on implementing a knowledge management solution for your company’s business units? The knowledge that you and your team have accumulated over the years is an invaluable asset for your company. In order to efficiently use knowledge across all business units, it has to be maintained and managed. A dedicated knowledge management solution offers all the features to help you manage your knowledge.

Knowledge management: A valuable resource waiting to be leveraged

Knowledge is power.

A well-known saying that is more valid today than ever before. Almost every company has vast amounts of knowledge, but it is hidden from its employees. With the right knowledge management, this treasure can be lifted and innovation and customer-oriented daily business can be promoted.

In this e-book, you will learn methods for successful knowledge management that will save you and your company costs while increasing efficiency.

Quick Start into Technology Business Management

How could transformational tech fit into your business? Where are the value creating opportunities? The sheer complexity of IT Financial Management key components and processes keep you from getting started? Aligning your existing structure and data requires herculean effort? How can you get a head start in Technology Business Management?

That's how: Calculation model - how to build an entire model in just 60 minutes

Serviceware Financial is designed to map your costing models in a nutshell. This includes building the service catalog, implementing service relationships and costing rules, as well as demand and quantity planning for your IT and shared service customers.

Optimization and Standardization of IT Controlling at SWE Digital GmbH

As an IT shared services company within the Stadtwerke Erfurt Group, SWE Digital GmbH is the backbone of digitization across the entire corporation. The mixed service provider for software applications and IT infrastructure solutions uses Serviceware Financial to ensure proper calculation of services, target/actual comparisons throughout the year, and scenario analyses and business cases for strategic investment decisions.

Serviceware at the Deloitte 'Grab and Go' - 'Digital Cost Optimisation – Controlling the Digital Money Monster'

Join Peter Grydgaard (Deloitte) and Alex Becker (Serviceware) at the Deloitte 'Grab and Go' - 'Digital Cost Optimisation – Controlling the Digital Money Monster' recorded webinar.

Centralised management of IT services at the EOS group

With over 60 companies, the EOS Group is one of the leading providers of claims management in Europe. Within the group, EOS Technology Solutions provides companies with a wide range of IT services and therefore has to ensure that processes run smoothly. With Serviceware, the company operates its IT controlling on a central platform, thus ensuring highly professional and powerful IT financial management.

What's new? Serviceware Knowledge 5.49!

The new version of Serviceware Knowledge 5.49 (SABIO) will be released soon!

In advance, we will present all important innovations to you!

Draw from our expertise and make the most of your Serviceware Knowledge system!
Our colleague from the presales team will present the new functions and optimizations to you.
Afterwards, she will be happy to answer all your questions.

Ratiodata coordinates IT services on one platform

As an IT system house, specialising in companies in the finance and healthcare sectors, Ratiodata supports its customers with holistic IT services. An important part of their nationwide managed and field services concerns secure system operation and reliable support for customer enquiries. With Serviceware, the company has created a uniform service management platform for customer service and its extensive IT processes.

Excellent customer service through central knowledge management

As a customer service agent at DPDHL, you want all the pieces of information available exactly when and where you need them. Deutsche Post and Parcel Service has bundled all information related to customer service in their central knowledge platform "MEINWISSEN" using Serviceware Knowledge. Thanks to the new browser integration, customer service can now use content more easily.

Service-oriented IT Management at ZF Friedrichshafen

The IT of ZF is marked by complex structures in a growing organisation with many different requirements. The technology group makes massive investments in digital transformation. The IT department supports this corporate goal with services which are consistently oriented towards the business needs.

Using the Serviceware platform, the central IT service team manages the offering, makes it accessible on a worldwide basis, builds it on a usage basis and identifies potentials for sustainable cost savings.

Enterprise reporting with Serviceware Performance at Vector Foiltec

World market leader in ETFE systems Vector Foiltec relies on Serviceware Performance for its project management and controlling.

Define, analyze and optimize business services based on their significance

All services and products in the service catalog, whether HR, IT, Finance or Legal, are certainly there for a good reason. Each one of them has a particular significance to the customers. Nevertheless, each service is different from the other when it comes to bringing value to the company. Some services are more critical than others. 

So, how do you know which one brings more value?

The Serviceware platform provides the necessary transparency to easily measure the success and impact of each one of those services. 

Green IT Serviceware Innovation Lab - a glimpse to the future

Sustainability is on everyone's lips. Many companies are already pursuing becoming CO2-neutral between 2030 and 2045.

IT organizations must also contribute and become CO2-neutral in the medium term. How can this be achieved without detailed transparency of the current organizations' situation, including their Go Green initiatives and the CO2-emissions services?

The development of a CO2 analysis has started at Serviceware.

Equipped for the transformation in Digital Finance

The finance sector is facing new challenges

When crisis mode becomes the norm, traditional methods and technologies are no longer enough. Companies must renew the shaping of the future in the form of planning and forecasting more frequently and in even shorter cycles.

There are few resources available for this at the management level and in the specialist departments. Controlling already has a variety of additional tasks with its coordinating function.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML),used correctly, have the potential to bridge the gap between greatly increased planning needs and reduced resource availability.

How can you manage these challenges? With the right tool and the experts at your side, AI technology can become a success factor for your company.

Transfer Pricing

The importance of transfer pricing regulations for tax purposes is increasing. Globalization, the discussion on tax avoidance and initiatives of the OECD (BEPS) as well as of the EU are increasing the complexity.

Today, finance and tax managers cite transfer prices and their documentation as a key priority which presents a significant risk potential for companies in case of not meeting the regulatory compliance.

How can you moderate business requirements and tax regulations using a simple method? A critical success factor here is a holistic approach.

AI/ML in financial & strategic planning: How to achieve a successful digital transformation

In this webinar we will show you how to be best positioned for the digital transformation and how Performance AI can already support you optimally here.

Telefónica - Reliable data for transparent decisions

Whether as an information provider through reporting services or as a tool for data analysis. For the telecommunications giant Telefónica, Serviceware Performance AL is indispensable in several areas, also due to the bandwidth of the data provided. Factbased decisions can be made.

Data to Dashboard: Creating reports with integrated Microsoft Power BI

The white paper answers some of the most urgent questions of CFOs and CIO:

How is my digital transformation going overall? 

Where are the revenue/expenses around each service? And how do I get a holistic overview of all the digital transformation initiatives?

Which stakeholder is consuming which services?

Simple forecasting with AI/machine learning for a successful corporate performance management

Conventional business planning is time-consuming and often inaccurate.
By using AI/machine learning you can leverage existing business data to make your planning faster and more precise.

The CMDB: Success factors and top trends for 2022

What values are generated the introduction of a configuration management database (CMDB)? How does the CMDB work in a modern IT Service Management (ITSM)? - Read more 

Why multi-dimensional databases are irreplaceable

Read more about the characteristics of OLAP systems, user requirements and degree of fulfilment provided by the alternatives in our free whitepaper.

Successful Business Management with Corporate Performance Management

Read more about how to use Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Extended Planning & Analysis (xP&A) to create agile control cycles and streamline critical planning, reporting, analysis and simulation processes in our free whitepaper.

IT Change Management according to ITIL

Roles and responsibilities in the ITSM change management process, goals, the 7 Rs, and differences between ITIL v3 and v4 – to keep you on top of things in ITSM.

Building profitable Business Cases for Cloud and Hybrid Cloud spend and service optimization with IT Financial Management Featuring Forrester

Now more than ever enterprises need trust that their expenditures on IT are being made in line with their digital destiny. In order to make a business case for the cloud, technology decision makers must have visibility and transparency with respect to the tradeoffs inherent in funding choices.

This would have traditionally entailed IT financial management (ITFM) or Technology Business Management (TBM), whether implemented in spreadsheets or purpose-built solutions. 

Serviceware and Alte Leipziger: Achieving innovation through cooperation based on trust and partnership

Together with Serviceware the ALH Group takes another innovative step by integrating a digital self service chatbot into their customer communication/service system to therefore make communication faster and easier.