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Be it working from home or delivering top-level customer service to all of your clients. In this world of rapidly accelerating digital transformation and economic uncertainties, it is more important than ever before to manage your company’s knowledge efficiently and sustainably. A solid knowledge base needs to be accessible anytime, anywhere, and immediately.

Do you face these common challenges within your service centers?

  • Product and process data is not accessible across locations or remotely from home
  • Remote teams and and working from home aggravate the exchange and flow of information in person
  • Updates to company, product, or process information are not consolidated and outdated information is shared internally and externally
  • New strategic information is not widely made available, forcing many companies to merely re-act rather than act
  • Long resolution times and low solution rates in customer service due to a lacking knowledge base and unhelpful self-service offerings

If your helpdesk is not able to successfully adapt to the development of your company knowledge and ever-changing conditions, you might put the short-term and long-term success of your business at risk. Even outside of worst-case scenarios, higher processing times and low resolution rates during first contact will put you at a significant and avoidable competitive disadvantage.

On the flipside, proper knowledge management powering your helpdesk and your customer service management can make all the difference for process optimization. Accelerating internal service processes and delivering faster, higher quality customer service will give you an edge over your competitors whether it is in B2B or B2C contexts. 

The best way to deliver on all these increasing and changing demands of information and customer service management is the implementation of a tailor-made software solution for knowledge management. Serviceware Knowledge allows you to manage your entire company knowledge in one centralized database. Thanks to an intuitive interface you can guarantee that all users get the knowledge they need whenever they need it.

Key benefits of knowledge management with Serviceware Knowledge

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Benefit from an intelligent search engine to reduce resolution times
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Improve customer service for higher customer satisfaction and customer loyalty
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Consolidate all company knowledge for a single source of truth
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Leverage AI for increased automation and faster service
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Utilize chat bot integration and messaging so customers can resolve issues faster than ever
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Use self-service website widgets to improve the customer experience

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"The Serviceware Knowledge Management solution is the centerpiece of customer service at OTTO when it comes to target-oriented knowledge. Our decentralized organization enables us to achieve a uniform level of knowledge among all employees in their daily contact with customers. Through automated notifications in particular our information flows have become more efficient, and our content is always up to date. And best of all: all users have the opportunity to help shape the content, contribute their own suggestions and thus continuously improve the quality of our knowledge for our customers."

Sarah Ruthardt
Trainer E-Learning, Otto GmbH & Co KG

The Serviceware Solution Bot is here: Create the best service experience with fast, AI-based solutions via messaging.

Everything you have been waiting for is finally happening. Messaging and chat features have been integrated into Serviceware Knowledge for the first time. We are excited to tell you more about some of the benefits this will bring.



"For us, it is not only important to make knowledge available in a fully comprehensive and target group-oriented way, but also to make it accessible as quickly and easily as possible. That's why we wanted to map our consolidated knowledge more contextually in the central application in which our agents process all concerns (Salesforce). This not only makes the work of our employees easier, but also helps our customers to receive answers and information even more quickly."

Silke Hauser
Head of Information and Communication Solutions Department

Knowledge Services

Benefits of company-wide knowledge management and top-level customer service management

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Find knowledge fast and easy

Equipped with a powerful search engine, Serviceware Knowledge helps you find everything you are looking for. Whether working from home, on the road or in the customer service office, get your knowledge anywhere, anytime, and immediately.

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Organize knowledge efficiently

The easiest to use product on the market structures your knowledge visually and allows you to store content just the way you need it.

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Share knowledge through all channels

Powerful rights and role management, several apps, and an open API seamlessly integrate Serviceware Knowledge into your business.


“On average every employee accesses the knowledge database 30-40 times a day. With Serviceware Knowledge they find the answers to most questions themselves. And what is most important: they find them immediately. Because knowledge management always has time.“

Anja Bischof
Knowledgemanagement, BGV

Read our e-book that gives a 5-step approach into how to introduce Knowledge Management into your company. 

Commerz Direktservice

Case study


Commerz Direktservice uses Serviceware Knowledge to deliver on-point knowledge - and by extension, great customer service.

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