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Improve transparency, communication, and efficiency by ensuring your customers have a clear understanding of available services and products.

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Your Service storefront

Provide products and services via an interface that is easy for your customers to navigate. The Service Catalog centralizes, structures and standardizes the information about the services you provide. Create one single source of truth for your services across all departments of your organization, from IT to Human Resources, Facility Management and more.

Easy access

Enable customers and employees to request your products and services in one central portal.


Speed up service delivery and ordering through self-service and various automations.


Maximize visibility and transparency of your company's or department's offering.


Implement one Service Catalog for all business units, whether IT, HR, Facility or Customer Service.

What's inside

Service Catalog features

Serviceware Cookie.


Offer a clear and concise explanation of each product or service, outlining its purpose, features, and benefits. Simple navigation and search options enable all users to quickly find what they need.

Simplified administration

Manage your service catalog effortlessly with simplified administration and design. Take control of pricing, images, visibility, and individual properties conveniently through a single portal.


Include prerequisites or dependencies necessary for the successful delivery of an item or service, such as hardware or software.

Service request and fulfillment

Integrate the Service Catalog in your ESM solution to automatically start the order process once a request is made.

Service support

Provide the designated service owner or responsible department, along with contact information for support or inquiries.

How it works 

Integrate the Service Catalog into the Serviceware Portal. In addition to the Service Catalog, the Serviceware Portal provides users with widgets that enhance the self-service experience, including your knowledge base, messaging, news and more. 

Customize the design of the Portal to match your company's corporate identity. The Serviceware Portal is designed for both desktop and mobile devices. 

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