Serviceware introduces AI support for service centers

  • Serviceware Enterprise Service Management (ESM) now equipped with AI-supported assistance for service agents
  • The Beta version of the "Solution Assistant" is available in the Serviceware Processes 6.5.2 release
  • Provides Fast and precise AI-powered answers to service agents to help improve responses across any service center



Bad Camberg, 12.08.2020 - A new AI (Artificial Intelligence) feature to support service centers is now live in the latest release of Serviceware Processes. The new “Solution Assistant” is tailored to the needs of service desk agents who have to answer requests quickly and enables them to channel AI-powered learning accurately to optimize response quality and times.

An AI-supported assistant for service centers

The Solution Assistant takes advantage of the fact that most questions to a Service Desk or Call Center have been solved before. With the help of Machine Learning, the solution checks new and already archived problem cases for their semantic similarity in the background while a query is being entered and suggests possible answers to the agent. The agent checks the suggestions and can transfer appropriate solutions directly into the new ticket or request.

"Fast and effective problem solving is decisive for successful service centers,” says Dirk Martin, CEO of Serviceware. “The AI-supported solution is another step in helping our customers deliver outstanding customer service.”

The Solution Assistant is the second AI-based solution for service centers within a few months after the "Content Creation Assistant" was launched for Serviceware Knowledge. Based in Darmstadt since 2019, the AI Competence Center adds new functionalities to the Serviceware Enterprise Service Platform using innovative technologies for artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Our team of AI specialists are developing concrete applications in partnership with the Technical University of Darmstadt. More exciting developments are coming soon.