Serviceware SE pushes the use of Artificial Intelligence and integrates OpenAI (ChatGPT) into platform

• Networking of human service agents and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for efficient, quality-oriented processing of complex service requests

• Already seven AI modules available for ESM platform customers

• AI expertise and integration are a central part of the Serviceware expansion strategy

Idstein, 13 July 2023 Serviceware SE ("Serviceware", ISIN DE000A2G8X31) continues to push its activities for the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into digital service processes, which it has consistently implemented since its IPO. From now on, the OpenAI (ChatGPT) solution is part of the unique, modular ESM platform of Serviceware. By integrating OpenAI, Serviceware combines human service agents as a point of contact for more complex customer requests with Artificial Intelligence. In doing so, Serviceware integrates OpenAI in such a way that only the platform's own knowledge pool is used for service on complex matters, thus ensuring the highest quality standards. At the same time, the improper use of data worthy of protection can be ruled out in this way, as there is no uncontrolled access to external sources of information which are, for instance, the potential intellectual property of third parties.

With the new AI module, Serviceware addresses the area between a fully automated processing of requests, as is possible with the Serviceware Solution Bot, and individual service management by human service agents. Serviceware customers can purchase the additional AI module in a package solution which includes another three AI modules and enables, for example, the automated classification of customer requests. The result is a further increased degree of automation of digital service processes, while at the same time providing high solution quality and an optimal degree of individualization of service management. 

Dirk K. Martin, CEO of Serviceware: "Serviceware realized very early on that AI will be one of the game changers in service processes and made the use of Artificial Intelligence a central part of its growth strategy. As a result, we set up our own AI competence center immediately after our IPO, have been working with a renowned university in this field for many years and have integrated numerous AI modules into our ESM platform. I continue to see us as a pioneer in this regard. Our strength in the AI area is one reason for Serviceware's excellent market position, and this is how we are scoring points with existing and new customers worldwide. The now successfully implemented integration of OpenAI into our ESM platform is another milestone and shows in an exemplary manner how the best results can be achieved efficiently and at a consistently high level in special service situations by networking Artificial Intelligence with individually acting service agents."      

About Serviceware

Serviceware is a leading provider of software solutions for the digitalization and automation of service processes (Enterprise Service Management), with which companies can increase their service quality and manage their service costs efficiently.

The Serviceware platform includes the software solutions Serviceware Processes, Serviceware Financial, Serviceware Resources, Serviceware Knowledge and Serviceware Performance. All solutions can be used in an integrated manner, but also independently from one another.

Serviceware partners with customers from strategic consulting through the definition of the service strategy to the implementation of the enterprise service platform. Further components of the portfolio are safe and reliable infrastructure solutions as well as managed services.

Serviceware has more than 1,000 customers worldwide from various business sectors, including 17 DAX companies, as well as five of the seven largest German companies. The head office of Serviceware is in Idstein, Germany. Serviceware employs more than 500 employees at 14 international sites.

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