Serviceware makes AI the heart of its enterprise service management platform

  • At its customer congress, Serviceware presents a newly developed, AI-native engine of the Serviceware platform.
  • The new “AI Process Engine” provides customers with easy-to-use functions for fast, AI-based hyper-automation of services.
  • With the new generation of the platform, Serviceware enables companies to make their service processes ready for the AI era.

Wiesbaden/Idstein At the Serviceware Forum, the annual customer congress of Serviceware SE, the company today provides a detailed outlook on its roadmap to make the Serviceware platform AI-native. Serviceware presented the first milestone on this roadmap: the "AI Process Engine", a newly engineered, AI-native platform for workflow creation, data modeling and dialog design. 

The rapid developments of AI have been unprecedented. AI use cases are already redefining customer service and internal IT services. New possibilities such as hyper-automation, natural language processing or generative AI are revolutionizing service design and the service experience - for service consumers as well as for service agents and service managers.  

Serviceware recognized the potential of AI very early on and has been offering its customers AI-driven services and innovation for 6 years. The IT landscape of 2024, fueled by AI, has brought with it an exponential pace of change in business transformation. Therefore, the company has placed a new, AI-native technological foundation at the heart of its Enterprise Service Management (ESM) offering - the Serviceware Platform

Through the latest developed capabilities, the AI-native Serviceware Platform is able to empower businesses with smarter, more agile processes, increasing efficiency and competitiveness. It offers a highly personalized and individualized approach that stands out from previous one-size-fits-all solutions. The Serviceware platform is therefore characterized by minimal usage effort and unparalleled flexibility. It is designed to adapt and learn from experience, even automating the configuration of automation. Ultimately, this platform drives innovation and enables companies to respond quickly to changing customer needs. Time-to-market for new services is reduced while production costs are optimized at the same time. 

“We want to enable our customers to continue to change faster than the markets and their competitors,” says Dirk. K. Martin, CEO of Serviceware. He continues: “The new technological approach of the Serviceware platform makes it a scalable and future-proof basis for their business processes and for the successful implementation of their service philosophy for many years to come.” 

“Our customers' initial reactions to the new AI Process Engine have been extremely positive,” confirms COO Dr. Alexander Becker and adds: “We will make the transition to the new AI technology as easy as possible for them. To this end, we are offering an extensive early adopter program for which our customers can register with immediate effect." 

Initially, the new AI Process Engine will support Serviceware customers in the holistic lifecycle management of IT services. For example, customers can use the platform to dramatically simplify the financial presentation and billing of individual levels of the service catalog. 

About Serviceware   

Serviceware is a leading provider of software solutions for the digitalization and automation of service processes (Enterprise Service Management), with which companies can increase their service quality and manage their service costs efficiently.   

The Serviceware Platform consists of seamlessly integrated software solutions that can also be used independently of each other. Since 2018, Serviceware has been focusing on the potential of artificial intelligence in service management. Today, AI is the central innovation factor of the Serviceware Platform, which is constantly being further developed in the company's own AI competence center in cooperation with TU Darmstadt.   

Serviceware has more than 1,300 customers worldwide from various business sectors, including 18 DAX companies, as well as five of the seven largest German companies. The head office of Serviceware is in Idstein, Germany. Serviceware employs more than 470 people at 14 international locations.  

Serviceware partners with customers from strategic consulting through the definition of the service strategy to the implementation of the Serviceware Platform. Further components of the portfolio are safe and reliable infrastructure solutions as well as managed services.     


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