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With Serviceware Processes DFS is well prepared for regulatory requirements

The security in the German air space and of thousands of takeoffs and landings at the airports in Germany is ensured by the employees of DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH (Air Traffic Control Authority) which has its HQ in Langen. Serviceware Processes helps them to handle the necessary documentation processes efficiently.

Serviceware Processes at Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH

The privately organized company, which is wholly owned by the German state, is in charge of the country’s air traffic control and must comply with a series of national and international requirements and regulations. DFS implemented Serviceware Processes for two reasons: On one hand, to meet their statutory obligations with respect to their obligation to furnish evidence in air traffic control services and, on the other hand, to map the IT service management processes in the internal IT department.

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„Serviceware Processes helps us fulfil complex requirements. Thanks to the high flexibility and adaptability of the system, new processes can be easily integrated. Looking at future regulatory demands or process adjustments, Serviceware Processes enables us to respond promptly and effectively."

Markus Schäfer
Technical Project Manager, DFS

Tower der Deutschen Flugsicherung am Flughafen

Challenges and measures

DFS monitors air traffic in the German air space from four control centers. Moreover, the company is represented at all 16 international airports in Germany where the take-offs and landings are monitored and coordinated from the tower. Before, DFS had used different systems, portals, and databases in their control centers and the towers. As a result, information was not available uniformly and they were not able to retrieve it centrally.

With Serviceware Processes, DFS now has a standardized, consolidated system for all corporate divisions in the field of air traffic control (control centers, towers and air traffic control engineers), which meets all security requirements and makes communication significantly easier. The system developed by Serviceware for DFS, called nDL (new Daily Log), stores all incidents (whether they have security relevance or not) such as bird strikes, medical emergencies, or delays in a centralized database. It then creates and transmits automatic logs of the reportable events to the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation and can be extended through additional operative processes.

Moreover, nDL has additional features: in recent years, there has been a worldwide increase in cases in which pilots were blinded by laser pointers during their landing approach. As soon as such an incident is entered into the nDL, the system transmits all relevant information such as the direction of the beam, the time, or the color of the laser, to the police. They can then use this information only a few minutes later and start looking for the criminals to prevent worse things from happening.

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