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Happy and relaxed into your new home thanks to flawless customer service

DFH Haus GmbH offers their customers an “all-round carefree package” for building their own home. To make sure that all service processes run seamlessly, DFH deploys a Serviceware solution for Customer Service Management (CSM).

When future homeowners want to make their dreamhouse a reality, DFH’s consultants accompany them along the journey as personal support. They take care of all of their clients’ demands, be it adjustments in planning or technical flaws in the finished building. Satisfying all of these needs is an immense challenge, especially since building a home can be a rather emotional undertaking for clients. By deploying a Serviceware Customer Service Management solution, DFH created an effective digital support system.

DFH Haus GmbH

„With Serviceware, we implemented an organization-wide platform for all customers queries. The system facilitates fast, informative responses, consistent documentation, and efficient routing of tickets for the entire enterprise."

Alexander Weber
Project Head Customer Service, DFH

Customer service app to make the final stretch towards construction

A typical process in DFH‘s customer service is handling notifications of defects. Even with perfect planning you can never completely avoid mistakes. Thanks to Serviceware, DFH was able to digitalize the entire process of resolving these queries. Tedious paperwork to assign mechanics to various construction sites are a thing of the past. “The direct communication via app allows for faster resolution times and immediate documentation for the customer if needed,” Weber explains. “This goes towards helping customers settling leftover payments fast and easy.”


Service reporting as a source of quality improvements

There is another benefit to the consistent documentation of defect notices. When registering queries in the Serviceware system, DFH employees can classify the affected parts of the building. Analyzing this information continuously optimizes the catalog of standard parts and solutions required and allows for improvements to the network of vendors.


Consistent case management as a success factor

In the realm of construction, satisfying customer needs is a group effort. The team of customer consultants using the Serviceware system acts as the central interface to communicate queries between customers and numerous departments within the company. From house planning over construction to installation: over the time, DFH has involved more and more departments in using the service management solution. Weber explains, that DFH will stay on this course: “Automated processes and transparent information spare the consultants a lot of hassle. We are already planning to include subcontractors into the system.”


What are the results of DFH’s Serviceware implementation?

  • For the end customer
    Increased customer service recommendation rate thanks to and improved customer experience
  • For the customer service
    Boosts to efficiency for consultants and on-site technicians due to optimized case management
  • For management
    Significant quality increases thanks to simplified reporting of customer queries, especially when evaluating defect notifications


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