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Get your customers' feedback on your service offering quickly and easily. With Serviceware Survey, you can easily create reusable surveys that can be automatically integrated into your business processes.

Your Benefits

Enhance your customer service with Serviceware Survey 

Find out what matters to your customers

Incorporate surveys into your service processes to provide a safe environment for your customers to give feedback - anonymously, if preferred.  

Calculate your Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Measure customer loyalty and their likeliness to recommend you to others.

What's inside

Easy-to-use survey tool guarantees high response rates

Survey Designer

Use the intuitive, web-based Survey Designer to create any number of surveys to gather feedback from your customers.

Platform-wide use  

Integrate surveys into any type of service process such as service requests, orders, incidents or any other type of communication.


Time scheduled mailing

Plan for scheduled mailing of survey invitations or regularly recurring surveys.


Wide range of question types    

Use variable field functions such as checkboxes, scales, asterisks, and text boxes to tailor response options to the question being asked.


External reference  

Use reference values (e.g. ticket number or company name) to link the feedback in the evaluation to a specific event or process activity, or to cluster different surveys.



Send invitations for feedback via personalized HTML e-mail and use a wide range of formatting options to shape the content of the templates.

Easy to use on any device

Surveys can be conveniently called up and completed on any device in any browser - including mobile thanks to a responsive design.

Access with or without login    

Ensure that only the contacted person fills out the survey by setting up authentication.


Anonymous filling  

Allow users to fill out surveys anonymously. Once the survey has been sent, it is no longer possible to identify the person who received the survey.


Multi-language support  

Survey supports five languages (DE, EN, FR, NL, IT) in the standard version. Multi-language support refers to both the application and the ability to provide each survey in these languages.


Multi-client capability  

As a service provider, you can create separate environments on the same infrastructure for different customers or organizational units. This ensures clean data separation from data capture to evaluation.


Easy analysis     

Analyze the results of your surveys in automatically generated reports (All evaluations are strictly separated by client).


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