How do you increase productivity in ITSM?

 Serviceware. That’s how.

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High cost pressure. Growing compliance demands. The struggle to find new talent in IT. On top of that a client base that has grown used to work with easy-to-consume app interfaces.

Can your ITSM solution satisfy all demands of the digital age? Simple incident and ticket management is by far not enough anymore. Implement a modern solution, to efficiently control your IT service management.

Take aim at all the challenges of ITSM

Offer the perfect IT service for your enterprise

Consistently tailor your IT management to the needs of your business and facilitate the digital interaction and communication between users and IT employees.

Accelerate your ITSM processes

Systematically automate your IT service management processes to reduce solution times for incidents and increase the productivity of your IT service team.

Leverage reliable data and processes for all levels of IT services – e.g. based on ITIL – and reduce risks and guarantee the compliance of your IT.

Serviceware: The favorite of IT decision makers

In 2020, Serviceware takes the lead in a study conducted by analyst organization Research in Action (RIA). In their survey on IT and enterprise service management (ESM) software, Serviceware was declared the best vendor for the third time in a row and takes first place when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Read the study and find out

  • key ITSM consideration in times of economic crisis
  • the role that ITIL plays in an enterprise environment
  • what the hallmarks of a future-proof ITSM solution are.

Download the study “Vendor Selection Matrix™ IT and Enterprise Service Management SaaS and Software – the Top Vendors for the German Upper Midmarket in 2020” for free and let the results speak for themselves.

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Serviceware Processes is already capable of perfectly mapping all standard ITSM processes. However, we can no even realize our non-ITIL change processes and even map our budget planning and our order processes one to one.

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Implement a leading platform for ITSM

Best Practice nach ITIL

Certified best practice workflows following ITIL

Secure the quality of your IT service management by using tried and tested process templates for IT processes (ITIL) and compliance (GDPR). ITIL is still the standard when it comes to the qualification of IT processes. Therefore, every ITSM solution has to measure itself at how well it follows ITIL principles. That is why all Serviceware solutions for ITSM are based on that standard. Additional processes (ordering, access management, etc.) can be seamlessly implemented and integrated.

All the information you need for perfect IT service management: the CMDB 

An integrated Assed & Configuration Management Database (CMDB) brings transparency into your infrastructure and helps to minimize business risks. This will make your IT service even more powerful.

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More transparency for users and IT employees due to a clear, structure IT service catalog

CIOs have good reason to invest time and money into the definition and creation of IT service catalogs. The goal is clear: They want a clear overview over their service offering and have the ability to design better services in the future. In order for these investments to pay off, these definitions need to become the primary reference point for IT service management. Serviceware solutions make it easy to create and maintain such an IT service catalog. Furthermore, you can use it in your IT financial management  (ITFM) to gain an overview over your IT service costs and improve the planning and budgeting of your IT and shared services.

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ITSM analytics & reporting help you set the right priorities

An extensive set of standard reports for IT service as well as easy-to-use self-service options offer a strong foundation for future decision making. Get a clear and immediate overview over the current status of your entire ITSM team. Use KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to supervise the availability of your services and keep an eye on the number of incidents. Gather and leverage data to optimize IT service quality continuously and sustainably.

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Grant access to your IT services across multiple channels and at all times

Offer your IT services online and all around the clock to significantly and steadily increase customer satisfaction. Provide clients with various communication channels, be it phone, chat, email, or web portal. Your IT will be able to work more efficiently and your customers and employees will be happier.


Make life easier for your IT service management employees

IT service works best if all your service employees can focus on their key tasks. Provide your IT employees with an ITSM solution that automates routine tasks, offers all required support and information, and guides them through ITIL-based processes. 

Strong IT Organizations control their ITSM with Serviceware solutions

Many renowned companies from all industries rely on Serviceware to optimize, automate, and control their IT services.

The most reliable software for your IT service

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Increase ITSM productivity by automating your processes

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Leverage consolidated knowledge to support your IT users and service managers

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Implement IT services on site with optimized field service operations

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