Unlock the full potential of your IT and shared services by implementing a first class ITFM solution

How do you turn your IT into a place of value generation?

Business charts.By leveraging first class financial management software to unlock the potential of your IT and shared services!

IT and shared services can generate tremendous value for your company. By implementing a tailormade ITFM solution you can cover all areas of financial planning and make transparent who uses which services and how much they cost. What does ITFM mean?

ITFM stands for IT financial management und describes the controlling and optimization of IT service costs based on value, quality, and any corresponding risk factors. ITFM principles correlate with general guidelines for financial management but puts bigger focus on aspects specific to IT services.

CIOs and CFOs across the globe have already recognized that using modern and specialized IT financial management software can bring about significant and sustainable improvements for their financial planning. Find out how you can use Serviceware Financial to turn your IT into a place of value generation as well.

Optimized ITFM: Better performance at a lower cost

Many companies – regardless of size – are unaware of the potential that their IT and shared services hold. Investments into these services are often treated as a flat fee. Leveraging an ITFM solution from Serviceware covers functions necessary for the financial management of IT and shared services. Say goodbye to error-prone, often confusing Excel sheets and instead gain a clear overview over all of your service costs. By enabling greater transparency in your financial planning, you will know exactly where you can cut costs, where your budget can be allocated more effectively, and how to turn your IT and shared services from mere cost centers to value generators. Furthermore, powerful automated benchmarking, reporting, and documentation will streamline all of your controlling process while guaranteeing regulatory compliance.

Your benefits with modern IT financial management


IT service costing

Holistic IT finance software enables you to do proper service costing. Differentiate between single cost items and recurring costs and communicate all the necessary information to the respective departments. Furthermore, you can breakdown internal and external costs as well as different cost models.

IT budgeting

Leverage planned-actual-comparisons and predefined benchmark to optimize the planning and budgeting of your IT costs. Instead of relying on error-prone, difficult to maintain Excel sheets, you can work with real and reliable data and benefit from an intuitive user interface for your financial planning.

Cloud Cost Management

Moving more and more IT services to the cloud bears the risk of losing cost transparency and control over cloud service costs. Make precise cloud spend and cloud usage calculations measured against your service capacities and guarantee that your enterprise optimally satisfies its IT service demand at the lowest cost.


Flexible and customizable dashboards are a necessary tool to properly evaluate and analyze your IT financial management. Different stakeholders like CFOs and IT controllers are able to assess the key figures that are relevant to them. They can evaluate data, create reporting, and take the right actions to cut IT costs.


Transfer Pricing powered by KPMG

Transparent, compliant, audit-proof

Make sure that all of your billing for the international market is handled simple and automated

No risks, no subsequent payments

The calculation model created by KPMG in cooperation with Serviceware Financial allows for the correct and automated calculation of all service prices

Seamless transfer pricing documentation

Thanks to automated reports you always know where costs are allocated and can verify all cost items in conformity with the law

10 Steps to Successful IT Cost Management

Gain detailed insights into IT costs, IT value generation and futureproof IT cost control by having a look at our white paper.

Increase transparency in your enterprise with improved IT finance management

Create a clear service offering for your company

Develop a transparent and flexible service portfolio as a basis for fact-based decisions.

Find out where your business costs are created

Avoid imprecise flat fees in your business communication and instead automatically calculate the actual consumption of your IT services.

React to budget challenges in a quick and informed manner

Leverage continuous planned/actual comparisons during the budgeting cycle to identify deviations early on and avoid negative consequences.

Leverage the true value of your services

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Make service costs and values transparent for the business

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Identify cost drivers and eliminate superfluous cost items

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Ensure correct and actionable figures

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Complete controlling tasks in half the time

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Benefit from strong support from the #1 in customer satisfaction

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