Chris Adams turned his IT from a cost center to a value generator


Serviceware. That’s how.

Unlock the full potential of your IT and shared services by implementing a first class ITFM solution

Many companies are unaware of the potential that their IT and shared services hold. Investments into these services are often treated as a flat fee and it is difficult to keep track of who uses what and how much it actually costs.

The combined power of Serviceware Financial and Serviceware Performance gives complete coverage of everything necessary for the financial management of IT and shared services. Say goodbye to error-prone, often confusing Excel sheets and instead gain a clear overview over all of your service costs. By enabling greater transparency, you will know exactly where you can cut costs, where your budget can be allocated more effectively, and how to turn your IT and shared services from mere cost centers to value generators. Furthermore, powerful automated benchmarking, reporting, and documentation will streamline all of your controlling process while guaranteeing regulatory compliance.

Provide transparency and boost business performance

Create a clear service offering for your business

Develop a transparent and flexible service portfolio as a basis for well-founded decision-making.

Clarify where and how business costs are created

Avoid flat fees in your business communication and automatically calculate actual consumption of services.

React quickly and well-informed to budget challenges

Utilize continuous planned/actual control during the budgeting period in order to identify deviations early on and avoid negative consequences.

Leverage the true value of your services

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Make service costs and values transparent for the business

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Identify cost drivers and eliminate superfluous cost items

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Ensure correct and actionable figures

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Complete controlling tasks in half the time

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Benefit from strong support from the #1 in customer satisfaction

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