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Finvis Business Services creates transparency for costs and services for company-wide finance & accounting shared services

Serviceware makes it possible for Finvis to align their services more profitably and closer to customer requirements.

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Transparency improvement in finance management


Previously Finvis processed the shared service costs of its customers with complicated Excel files, which was disadvantageous since knowledge regarding individual accounting procedures was not centrally available for all employees.

Compiling the information for the customer was time consuming since the know-how usually only resided with one person who was the only one who could perform the invoicing procedure. Additionally, the coordination of extensive spreadsheet formulas in Excel also proved to not be user-friendly.

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“We have become a lot more transparent and faster. By using the Serviceware solution, I save three to four weeks in the planning rounds."

Wolfgang Stein
Managing Director, Finvis Business Services GmbH

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Cooperation between Finvis and Serviceware

Finvis decided to standardize its service portfolio and align it more flexibly and individually to customer requirements in order to increase profitability. Complete service controlling – from planning to calculation and cost allocation – was also automated successively. For this purpose, Finvis introduced the specialized controlling and finance management solutionServiceware Financial. The goal was first and foremost to create comprehensive transparency for cost and value flows.

A cost-driver-oriented (i.e. needs-based from the customer’s point of view) service catalog and the tracking of relevant key figures provided the basis for this venture. The total service costs were comprehensively assigned to service products and pre-products with the software. Thus, each service and service component were assigned a precise price per unit. Finvis thereby improved both the internal view for the individual or total costs of all services as well as the external view of service products and prices. The financial management solution makes it possible for service providers to attain a much more exact calculation of all service prices according to the actual scope of services based on determined unit costs.

Some of the most important results at a glance

Up to 90 percent consumption-based invoicing of shared service costs

Time savings of 3-4 weeks in planning rounds

Extensive transparency for cost and value flows

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