Case Study EOS

Centralized management of IT services at the EOS group

With over 60 companies, the EOS Group is one of the leading providers of claims management in Europe. Within the group, EOS Technology Solutions provides companies with a wide range of IT services and therefore has to ensure that processes run smoothly. With Serviceware, the company operates its IT controlling on a central platform, thus ensuring highly professional and powerful IT financial management.

"We know what we've planned, we know what we've calculated, we know what we've charged. There is only one truth now and it exists on the Serviceware platform."

Tatiana Schuldes
Team Lead Financial Controlling, EOS Technology Solutions

All data in one place – transparent and easily verified

The IT products offered by EOS Technology Solutions are PO-driven, which means that the product owners fully manage their products – from budgets to costs. That's why it's important to have a solid database so they can get the full picture and manage their products accordingly. These internal challenges are almost impossible to handle without a powerful ITFM tool. In addition, a transparent presentation of data is important for the compliance management of the entire group, because it is essential to be able to comprehend the services sold, especially in the area of financial services.


End-to-end processes save valuable time and create trust

Establishing a single point of truth not only ensures the accuracy and complete transparency of data, it also significantly reduces manual effort. Where previously countless Excel sheets were being sent out, several people can now make entries at the same time. This saves valuable time in all planning and calculation processes. With the help of the Serviceware platform, other companies within the EOS Group can also be integrated into the workflows now, which means another great added value for the company. The direct insight into the planning of the PO speeds up coordination processes, creates transparency and ensures more mutual understanding.


Automated analysis and reporting options

In addition to transparency, compliance, and time savings, requirements for automated analysis and reporting options could also be met: With the help of the Serviceware platform, highly complex calculation logics now function based on clear rules and in a more structured manner. Write-offs are now also calculated automatically during investment planning. The data generated from this as a single source of truth ensures the best possible IT controlling and powerful, transparent IT financial management – no matter if it is a question of costs, sales or price calculation.

The key results at a glance

  • Establishing a single point of truth by implementing Serviceware Financial as the central ITFM tool

  • Significant reduction of manual effort in planning and budgeting processes

  • Ability to display all reports in Power BI

  • Better integration and support of product owners

  • Customers can also be integrated into processes

Collaboration between EOS and Serviceware

IT controller Tatiana Schuldes feels that she has been in excellent hands since the beginning of the project: "It was a great collaboration from the beginning and that hasn't changed to this day. Service comes first. And as a customer, you notice that quite easily: No matter what happens, no matter what wishes or requirements I have - Serviceware always tries to find a suitable solution. I feel taken seriously as a customer when I see that new ideas are implemented promptly, meaning that they are deeply integrated into the product. Communication is always impeccable and there is a pragmatic approach to any kind of challenge. Completely open and transparent. Which is important for a trusting business relationship."

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