How do you increase the productivity of mobile and field services?

Serviceware. That’s how.

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Serviceware Resources

Serviceware Resources solves your main challenge in mobile service by allocating service orders to resources. You get to provide the best possible service to your customers while increasing your efficiency. 

Serviceware Resources supports the entire field service process, all the way from the order to the invoice. Your business can save time and money every step of the way. At the same time, the quality of your customer service increases.


Optimized allocation of resources
Self-service scheduling
Powerful customer service app
Digital service reports anytime, anywhere
Optimized route planning
Easy-to-use planboard

Plan and optimize to excel in customer service


Optimize field service's time and task management

Duty and shift schedules featuring cross-team planning and templates for recuring shift structures and task lists

Plan routes automatically or adjust plans manually

Automated field service planning with single and multi-route optimization and manual real-time grid planning via drag and drop

Stay flexible in emergencies

Warnings when guidelines are breached and functions for last minute plan changes

Perfectly integrate your field service with the mobile app

Keep an overview anytime, anywhere

Daily overview over assignments and automatic updates in case of changes

Stay in contact with your team

Private messaging between mobile agents and the head office & steady flow of information between all parties involved

Document everything immediately

Form-based reports for filing services digitally as well as electronic capture of travel costs, time, and other expenses

Accelerate your accounting for all of your mobile services

Submit all documentation digitally

Faster accounting cycles thanks to direct transmission via the mobile app

Keep all stakeholders informed at all times

Immediate dispatch of service records to customers and the head office whenever needed

Exchange data with the ERP system

Transfer accounting data into the ERP system with the ERP connector

Also covered in the Serviceware Platform

Serviceware Icons

Cut costs, optimize budgeting, and gain transparency over all of your finances for IT and shared services

Serviceware Icons

Ensure seamless, digital service processes to support customers and employees across all departments

Serviceware Icons

Spread knowledge throughout the company, share it through all channels and improve customer service KPIs

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