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Customer benefits and competitiveness are at the forefront of the Bavarian-based family company uvex. To enable corporate management and decision-making processes to be supported, the company utilizes Serviceware Performance for corporate controlling.


Corporate controlling with success factor


Whether at work or during leisure time, uvex products provide safety. Founded in 1926, the company is widely respected throughout the world when it comes to high-quality protective clothing, helmets and goggles. “Made in Germany” is a hallmark of uvex, as the company produces almost exclusively in Germany.

uvex has relied on Serviceware Performance for quite some time now. Twelve applications are now available, the corporate controlling application belonging to the core applications. This is an integral, group-wide solution for corporate management, which covers requirements such as reporting of actuals, forecasts, and budgeting.


With Serviceware Performance we’ve opted for software that integrates all the important and correct tools for us.

Gerhard Guttenberger
Head of Group Controlling UVEX WINTER HOLDING GmbH & Co. KG
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Some of the most important results at a glance


Rapid and flexible access from any location


Creation of customized applications.

Creation of customized applications


Individual and precise overview.

Individual and precise overview


uvex and Serviceware

Corporate management is based on six key factors at uvex: market position, innovative performance, productivity, attracting the right people, liquidity and cashflow, as well as profitability. The corporate controlling application provides all data and figures necessary for implementation and control of the uvex value orientation. No matter which of the global branches users are located in, they have fast and flexible access to consistent, standardized information anywhere. The success of corporate controlling is based on the following factors, amongst others:

  • The right product
  • Good preparation and a coherent concept
  • The design
  • Flexibility and efficiency
  • Focus on the user

The know-how transfer facilitated by cubus resulted in a dedicated Serviceware Performance team in the Group Controlling Department within a very short time.

A win-win situation

“The qualified consultants not only know their product like the back of their hand. They’ve already familiarized our staff with the system through a 'learning by doing' approach within the project," explains Gerhard Guttenberger, Head of Group Controlling at uvex. "We always have support if difficulties arise and always found a solution that works for us. In our relationship with Serviceware, we rest assured our suggestions and ideas are helping to refine the product. We pass on our experience to Serviceware and can be sure that they listen to our suggestions and ideas. This is a partnership that both parties benefit from.”


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