Serviceware SE enters partnership with BearingPoint Finland OY

As a further milestone in its Europe-wide expansion strategy, Serviceware SE has entered into a strategic partnership with BearingPoint Finland OY.

While the two companies have been working together successfully in the past months at a leading Scandinavian telco company, they have now also concluded a formal partner agreement, focused on but not limited to Serviceware Performance (formerly known as cubus outperform), a leading solution for Corporate Financial Performance Planning and -Analytics.

In the partnership, BearingPoint focuses on business- and technical consulting, Serviceware contributes the appropriate solutions from its leading enterprise service management platform.

About Serviceware

Serviceware is one of the leading providers of software solutions for the digitization and automation of service processes (Enterprise Service Management), enabling companies to increase service quality and efficiently manage service costs.  

The Serviceware Platform consists of the proprietary software solutions Serviceware Processes (helpLine), Serviceware Financial (anafee), Serviceware Resources (Careware), Serviceware Knowledge (SABIO) and Serviceware Performance (cubus). The solutions can be used as one integrated platform or independently from each other as stand-alone products. 

Serviceware has more than 900 customers worldwide from various business sectors; among these are 9 DAX companies as well as 4 of the 7 biggest corporations in Germany. Serviceware’s headquarter is located in Bad Camberg, Germany and the company has over 450 employees.

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