Introducing Serviceware Financial 6.2 and an enhanced standard cost model for a successful start into Technology Business Management (TBM)

  • Financial Information now directly linked to Service portfolio opening new insights
  • New approval and job monitoring options enhance productivity and planning quality
  • Simultaneous release of an enhanced standard cost model and best practices for TBM, the “Digital Value Model


Idstein, August 11th 2022 - Serviceware introduces Serviceware Financial 6.2, the latest version of its leading TBM/ITFM solution and an enhanced version , a further improved model of the most flexible cost and data model in the TBM/ITFM environment today.

In the latest version of Serviceware Financial, special emphasis has been placed on interlocking the different information levels between the service information and financial information more closely and presenting them even more clearly in order to drive information-based decision-making further forward.

In addition, with new approval and job monitoring enhancements, a great deal of attention was paid to meeting the need for coordinated, cross-responsibility planning processes, which is not diminishing despite all the data transparency.

Simultaneously with version 6.2, Serviceware now also provides an enhanced cost model by default, which is optimized for the quick adoption of the principles and procedures of Technology Business Management.

Technology Business Management (TBM) is the de-facto standard discipline of boosting business and service delivery outcomes by providing oversights of technology and shared services cost, resources, and usage to the C-suite and lines-of-business. TBM brings transparency to IT and shared services and provides the agility necessary, to standardize while at the same time saving costs. Digital transformation can be accelerated while the current mode of IT operations is gradually shifted to the desired future mode.


Digital Value Model: Technology Business Management without limitations

"Our customers often tell us that they are impressed by the benefits of TBM, but the so-called unified TBM models from other vendors are too rigid to really support enterprises to move from the long-established status quo of cost management and service attribution to the standardized and effective TBM model," says Dr. Alexander Becker, COO of Serviceware SE and continues "The flexibility of the cost model is ultimately decisive for success. The more flexible it is, the better it can reflect the individual business and service model of our customers. The more rigid the model, the more concessions have to be made to its structure, which means that the theoretically possible 100% added value of TBM cannot be achieved. And in the end, this is nothing more than missed opportunities.”

Becker summarizes: "Therefore, we now offer all our experience from many projects as an enhanced standard cost-model, in order to provide our customers with the best possible value-add at a significantly reduced cost and effort. We consequently call this cost model the "Digital Value Model".

The Serviceware Digital Value Model (DVM) includes best practice tables for data-mapping and effective reporting options which are now being provided to Serviceware clients as a complete toolset.

Alexander Becker: “Early-Adaptor experience shows that clients and prospects are extremely pleased with the guidance this model provides, since for them, it is hard to define the right cost pool or IT Tower allocations as long as their organization doesn’t have experience in the arena of TBM.”

In summary, DVM helps companies increase service cost transparency and reduce costs. Especially in the area of cloud economics, the model helps to avoid the typical "cloud-bill shock" caused by uncontrolled, hidden SaaS adoption. Finally, the DVM also supports the transformation of IT to an agile, product-oriented approach, not least through increased automation in service planning and provisioning.


About Serviceware 

Serviceware is a leading provider of software solutions for the digitization and automation of service processes (Enterprise Service Management) with which companies can increase their service quality and manage their service costs efficiently.

The Serviceware Platform includes the software solutions Serviceware Processes, Serviceware Financial, Serviceware Resources, Serviceware Knowledge and Serviceware Performance. All solutions can be used in an integrated manner, but also independently from one another.

Serviceware partners with customers from strategic consulting through the definition of the service strategy to the implementation of the Enterprise Service Platform. Further components of the portfolio are safe and reliable infrastructure solutions as well as Managed Services.

Serviceware has more than 1,000 customers worldwide from various business sectors, including 17 DAX companies and five of the seven largest German companies. The headquarters of Serviceware are in Idstein, Germany. Serviceware employs more than 500 employees at 14 international sites.

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