Serviceware launches Cloud Cost Management with Serviceware Financial 6.3 at the Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo™ in Barcelona

• Cloud costs analyzed and cloud operations right-sized simultaneously

• Integration with VMware Aria CostTM powered by CloudHealth®, supporting all major public cloud vendors

• From “data to dashboard” capabilities enable the C-Suite to quickly access the right information


Idstein/Barcelona Serviceware, a leading provider of software solutions for the digitization and automation of service processes, is today launching Serviceware Financial 6.3, allowing corporate customers to get a head start in Technology Business Management (TBM).

Serviceware Financial 6.3 is being introduced to customers worldwide at the Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo™ in Barcelona and represents the latest version of the leading TBM solution. Serviceware Financial 6.3 introduces advanced Cloud Cost Management capabilities and features a further improved version of the most flexible cost and data model in the TBM arena, the Digital Value Model (DVM).

Key updates include:

  • Cloud Cost Management - customers can now keep track of both on-premise and cloud costs. to help them monitor, control, plan and optimise all cost items in one application. A large amount of cloud costs can be saved.
  • A Connector to the VMware Aria CostTM powered by CloudHealth® solution, allowing Serviceware Financial to seamlessly utilize data from the leading cloud monitoring and optimization solution.
  • The Serviceware Digital Value Model, a TBM data and cost model, optimized for rapid ROI realization.

In today’s turbulent marketplace, poor visibility of operational costs is a huge issue for businesses worldwide. With digital transformation and innovation currently being so critical, many businesses will be wondering how to reduce costs and invest for greater and faster returns. Amid a surge in spend on digital services, organizations must keep IT costs in check – which requires understanding and rationalizing where necessary to accurately plan and invest for the future.

Responding to the needs of every modern digital organization, most of which are struggling to manage IT costs during the current economic climate, Serviceware enables businesses to understand service and operational costs so that innovation and digital transformation can take centre-stage in improving efficiency and effectiveness.

Without a solid database, it becomes difficult to plan, develop successful strategies and make future-oriented decisions. Financial 6.3 now makes the complex process of IT Financial Management and planning easier. One of the key benefits is that it provides the ability to assign workflows precisely which means internal responsibilities become clearer. Also, with a structured entry, service owners are able to enter planning data into their defined workbook.

Following the recent partnership with VMware, multi-cloud enterprise customers can analyze and optimize operations by saving up a large amount of their cloud costs. This will help multi-cloud customers gain a consolidated view of their cloud usage and spend in real-time with customers benefiting from Serviceware as a VMware Managed Service Provider (MSP).

TBM brings transparency to IT and shared services, and provides the agility necessary, to standardize while at the same time saving costs. Digital transformation can be accelerated while the current mode of IT operations is gradually shifted to the desired future mode.

"Enterprise customers profit from Serviceware Financial in multiple ways. The ignition spark on your way from data to dashboard is the underlying calculation model. We call it ‘Digital Value Model’, because it provides enough flexibility to incorporate enterprise-specific tags and attributes when allocating costs, while managing budget and demand are standardized on the processes layer, all with a focus on uncovering those value creating opportunities. With flexibility and standards in balance, customers’ sometimes herculean efforts for implementation are reduced significantly. They can draw from best practices and get a head start on their way to the multiple benefits of TBM as defined by the TBM council. The Digital Value Model is your autobahn to TBM,” comments Dirk K. Martin, CEO of Serviceware.

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