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Case Study Telefónica

Reliable data for transparent decisions

Whether as an information provider through reporting services or as a tool for data analysis. For the telecommunications giant Telefónica, Serviceware Performance AL is indispensable in several areas, also due to the bandwidth of the data provided. Factbased decisions can be made.

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Trust and competence convince for almost 20 years

Serviceware (formerly cubus) and Telefónica Germany share a long history. It began in 2003 with the implementation of a planning solution in the controlling department of E-Plus. As part of the restructuring process following the acquisition of the E-Plus Group in 2014, the old applications were retired and the tools were also put to the test. However, two units of Telefónica did not want to pass on Serviceware's ad-hoc reporting: the Digital & Data Competence Center (DDC) and the controlling department.

The long-standing partnership is one of the main characteristics for the good and close cooperation between Telefónica and Serviceware.

Frank Schwellnus, Senior Developer at Telefónica.

"The customer is the focus of the Serviceware Performance team and you can feel that."

Frank Schwellnus
Senior Developer Digital & Data Competence Center, Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG

Serviceware Performance AL for BI and Controlling

At first glance, the two use cases seem very different: On the one hand, the DDC with its reporting hub comprising all report-relevant data, which is maintained by IT experts; on the other hand, controlling with specialist applications developed and supported by the users themselves. But when it comes to evaluation, both user groups benefit from the same advantages:

  • Consistent, reliable and up-to-date data
  • Lightning-fast answers to your questions
  • Direct follow-up on anomalies and exceptions (drill-down, slice-and-dice, etc.)
  • Comprehensive visualization and analysis capabilities with dashboards, what-if scenarios, target/actual comparisons, and more
  • Notes and comments for traceable, transparent decisions



Data center of o2 Telefonica.

Support as a success factor

As long-time users of Serviceware Performance, Telefónica employees naturally know their way around. But when the need arises, they are always happy to call on the support of Serviceware Support. Its commitment knows virtually no bounds when it comes to solving a problem. Over the years, this has created a relationship of trust that gives the DDC and Controlling teams the certainty that their requirements and wishes always fall on Serviceware's open ears.

Some of the most important results at a glance

Self-service analyses and ad hoc reporting
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Creation of individual views and customized reports
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Expansion and maintenance of own applications directly in the department

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