How to Start Your Career Successfully

Our trainee program for junior account managers

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Our 24-month account manager trainee program offers engaging and diverse responsibilities. Participants will engage in workshops, training courses, project exercises, and boot camps that cover rhetoric, negotiation, and presentation techniques. Trainees will acquire all the necessary skills to succeed in sales through practical learning alongside experienced colleagues, from initial customer contact to after-sales support.

Real-life training with accountability

Jan, a graduate of the trainee program and now an Account Manager at Serviceware, emphasizes the importance of finding a trainee program that provides a comprehensive understanding of the diverse and challenging tasks of a B2B account manager from the beginning. The program offered the perfect combination of theoretical knowledge and practical customer projects, allowing him to quickly assume responsibilities and become an integral part of the sales team.

Benefiting from personal mentorship

Eda, a current trainee in the account manager program, values the mentorship program, where an experienced employee supports her. She notes that mentoring has provided her with a rapid and comprehensive insight into the day-to-day work of an Account Manager. Working closely with her mentor has helped her expand her expertise daily, gradually taking on more responsibilities while receiving reliable support from her mentor.

The boot camp: mastering pressure situations

The boot camp, a two-day intensive training course in five sales disciplines covering rhetoric and methodology, is highly popular among trainees. It offers a glimpse of practical pressure situations and equips trainees with the skills to present effectively, address issues concisely, and listen to customers attentively. Joshua, another Trainee Account Manager, emphasizes that the program provides a clear understanding of strengths and weaknesses, enabling personal and professional growth.

Getting started in sales

The trainee program has a successful history of over 15 years, with the majority of the current sales team being trained in-house. Trainees' responsibilities include cold calling, preparing and delivering presentations, customer care, accompanying experienced sales staff to customer appointments, and preparing quotations for customers.