How can you leverage knowledge management to provide excellent customer service from the home office?

Serviceware. That’s how.

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Serviceware Knowledge (SABIO)

Serviceware Knowledge

In times of increased caution regarding the health of your employees as well as economic challenges, it is important to manage your company's knowledge efficiently and sustainably: always, everywhere, and immediately.

In 2020, service centers face unprecedented challenges. Knowledge on products and processes needs to be accessible across locations and from the home office. Personal conversations and chats at the coffee maker are often not possible. Furthermore, information and processes that were still valid yesterday, might be outdated tomorrow. New information as well as all relevant experiences made and insights gained need to be made accessible across your entire organization if you want to act - and not merely re-act. If your service center is not able to successfully adapt to ever-changing conditions, you might put the short-term success of your company at risk.

Even if the worst case scenario does not happen: increased processing times or a decreased solution rate during first contact is an avoidable competitive disadvantage. Whether you generate your value primarily in B2B or B2C, your customers, vendors, and partners all face the same challenges, so it is your turn to act!

Serviceware Knowledge allows you to manage your entire company knowledge in one centralized database. Thanks to an intuitive interface you can guarantee that all users get the knowledge they need whenever they need it.


Benefit from a intelligent search
Improve customer service measurably
Consolidate knowledge for a single source of truth
Leverage AI for automated tasks
Utilize the chat bot integration
Empower customers through self-service via website widgets

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Improve customer service KPIs and spread knowledge throughout the company


Find knowledge fast

Equipped with a powerful search engine, Serviceware Knowledge finds everything you are looking for. Find relevant knowledge either in self-generated content or uploaded documents.

Organize knowledge efficiently

The easiest to use product on the market structures your knowledge visually and allows you to store content just the way you need it.

Share knowledge through all channels

Powerful rights and role management, several apps, and an open API seamlessly integrate Serviceware Knowledge into your business.

Read our e-book that gives a 5-step approach into how to introduce Knowledge Management into your company. 

Commerz Direktservice

One source of truth for one million calls per year

Commerz Direktservice uses Serviceware Knowledge to deliver on-point knowledge - and by extension, great customer service.

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Serviceware Knowledge
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