Serviceware Financial

Optimally manage your company's service finances

Serviceware Financial is the easiest way to cut down on IT and shared service costs and prove to your business the true value of your services.

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Serviceware Financial 6.0 Release.

Revolutionize your collaborative planning of corporate IT and Shared Services with this game changer of an ITFM software update!

 Verbessern Sie Ihre Service-Exzellenz mit Serviceware Financial und Nexthink

The solution

Serviceware Financial

Serviceware Financial is a leading software tool for the financial management of your IT and shared services. With a structured service catalog, a detailed cost-to-service-flow, and the capabilities to create virtually infinite budgeting scenarios, you can create as much cost transparency as you need.

Automated capabilities for documentation allow for simplified, tax-compliant reporting and adherence to all transfer pricing regulations. Serviceware Financial is the easiest way to cut down on IT and shared service costs and prove to your business the true value of your services.

Serviceware Financial performs an adequate Technology Business Management by providing various options and functionalities for managing and optimizing IT and Shared Services finances, resources, and usages.

  • Transparent service costs and values
  • Immediate cuts to superfluous cost items
  • Simplified budgeting
  • Faster, more data-driven controlling
  • Automated, compliant documentation
  • Rapid cloud cost assessment and optimization


Provide maximum transparency for your business

Create a clear service offering for your business

Develop a transparent and flexible service portfolio as a basis for well-founded decision-making

Clarify where and how business costs are created

Avoid flat fees in your business communication and instead automatically calculate the actual consumption of IT services

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React quickly and well-informed to budget challenges

Utilize continuous planned/actual control during the budgeting period in order to identify deviations early on and avoid negative consequences

Learn about the benefits of ITFM tools and IT cost transparency. Clarify and communicate business costs to all stakeholders.


Set the course for cost-efficient IT services

Unravel cost drivers in detail

Leverage smart analysis tools to identify inefficient service components and continuously optimize your service portfolio.

Lower operational costs

Use scenario comparisons and benchmarking to make the right decisions by e.g. comparing make-or-buy scenarios or cloud/on-premise solutions.

Enable business units to cost-consciously utilize IT

Promote the cost-efficient use of IT via consumption-based accounting of services.

Find out how to optimize your IT cost control. Save costs in the short and the long term.

Connect and Collaborate

Simplify the planning and budgeting of IT services

Avoid budget planning mistakes

Deliver reliable and comprehensive information to your cost center owners for dependable planning.

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Automate the budgeting process for all stakeholders

Simplify planning processes through best practice workflows.

Improve efficiency with self-services for your business

Offer a centralized portal, enabling cost center owners to manage their demands, order services, and grant authorizations.

Reconsider how you manage your IT budget and use our fact sheet to quickly implement future-proof budgeting
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Case study

Reduced worktime for settlement from 1-2 days to just 2 hours per month

PALFINGER, a leading manufacturer of lifting solution, introduced Serviceware Financial as a tool for their IT financial management. Today, they use the solution to manage more than 30 services for over 3000 employees.

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