Serviceware partners with Centigo to improve the adoption of IT Cost Management, Facilities Cost Management and Green IT solutions in the UK and Europe.

Serviceware and Centigo have announced a new partnership focused on enabling our client organisations to modernise and transform their cost optimisation strategies.

Centigo’s expertise in leading, advising, and supporting clients who want to be efficient, fast-moving and agile market leaders of the future is complemented with Serviceware’s technology solutions which help organisations streamline technology, promote cost efficiencies, and ultimately become more profitable.

The partnership sees Centigo’s strategy, technology and business transformation implementation expertise combined with Serviceware’s Financial Management solutions across several key verticals:

  • Financial Services
  • Retail - Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Travel & Transport
  • Energy
  • Property & Construction

As we emerge from under the veil of COVID-19 organisations are re-shaping on a global scale. They are looking to re-organise their workforce, restructure their operations, reduce costs, transform their supply chain activities, release working capital to enable them to “do more with less”, accelerate their way back to market through the adoption of digital techniques and equip and empower their leadership for the challenges ahead. Serviceware and Centigo will work together to enable organisations to gain complete transparency and control over their IT and Facilities costs and align themselves with the benefits of the Green IT agenda.

“We are looking forward to a great partnership with Centigo, as Serviceware continues to expand its international presence. Centigo will be a key partner in helping our clients reach their IT cost and Facilities cost optimisation goals with Serviceware Financial. With their transformation advisory services and expertise in key industries, as well as our domain knowledge in IT financial management (ITFM) we look forward to a flying start to the partnership.” (Ronnie Wilson – Group Executive Vice President, Serviceware).

Serviceware has expanded since its successful IPO in April 2018, including winning major new customers in the UK, USA, France and the Nordics. With the ITFM market set to accelerate in the coming years, Serviceware’s offering of the best ITFM solution (RIA Study) and Centigo’s reputation and expertise will strengthen the growth in the UK, Nordics and beyond.

“The fusion of Centigo’s world class business transformation capabilities and Serviceware’s world class cost evaluation and control software creates a new epoch for clients needing rapid, deployable solutions to regain control of their businesses in a post COVID-19 environment. IT cost have soared and facilities utilisation has plummeted during the pandemic. We also see opportunities in Green IT; to help organisations define and meet climate and environmental targets. We offer a rapid intervention to enable executives to rebalance and re-shape their businesses and make them fit for purpose in the future trading environment” (Ragnar Agnell – Partner, Centigo)

Centigo is modern partner for critical and cross-functional transformation and change, helping clients to be more efficient, fast-moving and leaders of the future – applying innovative methods to lead, advise and support clients from strategy to implementation and measurable results.

For further information or for an introduction to how the new offering can help you transform your IT finances, please contact Sam Wilson:

Find out more about Centigo. And to read more about Serviceware partners, visit our partner page.