Serviceware named as supplier on UK Government’s G-Cloud 12 framework

In a turbulent landscape, Serviceware’s IT financial management solutions will enable organisations to build resilience by analysing cloud and IT legacy costs, whilst identifying real value.

Serviceware has been named a supplier on Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) G-Cloud 12 framework. As part of the agreement, which will run for 12 months, Serviceware will be able to provide public sector customers with access to its suite of enterprise financial management solutions.

Serviceware’s financial management solutions enable public sector organisations to analyse costs easily and identify the real value gained from existing business and IT services, at a time when heavy investment in cloud technology services introduces new challenges. By receiving automated, real-time insights into cloud and legacy IT spend, organisations can facilitate better demand and supply management – delivering significant time and cost savings

With more and more public sector organisations now relying on cloud computing technology as part of their current and future digital strategies, the need for solutions that can provide visibility and control over cost and performance are now more important than ever. As organisations continue their battle against the ongoing ramifications of the pandemic, cost-cutting methods and an ‘every penny counts’ mentality will be key to survival. Public sector organisations must be able to identify where efficiencies can be made when it comes to cloud costs and overall business spend.

Ronnie Wilson, Group Executive Vice President, Serviceware, commented, “During the pandemic especially, when costs are constantly being assessed and placed under scrutiny, organisations need the tools to be able to understand performance and ensure business continuity at a lower cost. Financial management tools enable public sector organisations to gather vital real-time operational, project and vendor cost data. This enables fact-based scenario planning and effective decision-making. Through greater transparency they can ensure that innovation and digital strategies take centre-stage in optimising services and adding real value.”

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