Serviceware sends an open letter to the management of Apptio, an IBM Company, asking them to open the TBM Council to other vendors

Serviceware has launched an initiative to ask Apptio, now an IBM Company, to open up its direct influence on the Technology Business Management Council ( to allow other technology vendors to participate in the Council alongside Apptio. We strongly believe that opening up will be to the benefit of all users of the TBM Practice as well as to the advancement of the Practice and the Council as such. Serviceware is ready to actively engage and collaborate with the other vendors in the reformed Council in an open and transparent manner - for the benefit of the users:


That's why COO Dr. Alexander Becker sent a letter today to Sunny Gupta, CEO Apptio, Rob Thomas, SVP Software and Chief Commercial Officer IBM and Jack Bischof, General Manager TBM Council. For the sake of the TBM community and the TBM model, Serviceware hopes for a positive response. Read the letter.


TBM stands for Technology Business Management, a taxonomy as well as a process model that illuminates the holistic view of the economic viability of IT services in a financial context. More: