Ad hoc: Serviceware SE: Placement price for IPO set to 24.00 EUR per share


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Serviceware SE: Placement price for IPO set to 24.00 EUR per share

Bad Camberg, April 19th 2018

Today, Serviceware SE (“Serviceware” or “the company”) – in relation to the planned IPO at the regulated market (Prime Standard) of the Frankfurt stock exchange and together with the agency banks – has set the placement price for their share to 24.00 EUR per share.

The initial offering of the IPO comprised of 3,703,000 shares, 2,500,000 of which from a capital increase against cash contributions, 720,000 existing shares from the possession of old shareholders, in addition to 483,000 shares as a greenshoe option. All shares have been place. The offering was significantly oversubscribed.

The total offering volume encompasses 88.9 million EUR in shares. Following a complete execution of the greenshoe option, free float would sit around 35 percent. For the placement price, the market capitalization of Serviceware at the start of trading will sit at approximately 252 million EUR.

Gross issuing proceeds for the company sit at 60 million EUR. Serviceware is planning to use net inflows for acquisitions, further internationalization, as well as the expansion of the sales efforts to put stronger focus on large enterprises.

Serviceware shares are expected to go live on April 20th 2018 on the regulated marked (Prime Standard) of the Frankfurt stock market under the securities identification number (WKN) A2G8X3, (ISIN) DE000A2G8X31 and the ticker symbol SJJ. The settlement is planned for April 23rd 2018.

During this transaction, COMMMERZBANK AG and Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers AG will act as Joint Global Coordinators and Joint Bookrunners.

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Dirk K. Martin, CEO and founder of Serviceware: “We are happy about the strong interested of investors in Serviceware’s IPO. We are well positioned on the rapidly growing ESM market. Our integrated and modular software platform enables our customers to both increase their service quality as well as the analysis and budgeting of occurring service costs. This combination is unique in the international market and a clear USP.”

Harald Popp, CFO and co-founder of Serviceware: “The IPO of Serviceware is an important milestone since the foundation of the company 20 years ago. With the resources gained from the IPO, we want to consequently realize our growth strategy as a leading European vendor in the field of Enterprise Service Management (ESM). In exchange, our shareholder will have the opportunity to be a part of the successful growth of Serviceware.”

During Serviceware SE’s IPO, private investors were assigned approximately 2 percent of the placement volume of around 3,703,000 shares (including the 483,000 shares from over-allotment) based on the orders by the agency banks. Due to the oversubscription of the offering, not all of the private investors purchase offerings could be considered during the allotment.

Every order that was issued by a private investor at an agency bank was processed using the following allotment key: Every subscription up to 20 shares bought at (at least) the placement price will be serviced. Subscriptions for more than 20 shares will get 20 shares plus 15 per cent of the demand going beyond that. A preferential allotment to organizational members of Serviceware SE or their relatives, employees, or business partners did not occur.

After the allotment, investors receive separate security clearings via their custodian. Further information on the allotted shares can also be procured via the custodian. The “Guidelines for allotment of share issues to private investors” were followed and the allotment within the framework of the offering to private investors followed unified criteria for all agency banks and their connected institutes.

About Serviceware SE

Serviceware is a leading provider of software solutions for digitizing and automating service processes, that enterprises can use to improve their service quality and efficiently manage their service costs. The unique, integrated, and modular ESM platform comprises the proprietary software solutions helpLine (service management), anafee (financial management) and Careware (field and customer service management). Serviceware has more than 500 customers from a wide range of industries, including nine DAX-listed companies and four of the seven largest German companies. The company is headquartered in Bad Camberg, Germany. At the end of fiscal year 2016/17 Serviceware had 285 employees.

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