Overcoming barriers, shaping the future

Why creativity, passion and more diversity are important in software development

Foto von einer Frau, die als Softwareentwicklerin arbeitet.

Birgit has been a software developer from the very beginning and has played a key role in Serviceware's success story for thirty years. When we talk to her colleagues, it becomes clear that Birgit's positive energy is contagious and motivating. But she is also known for asking questions that might otherwise go unnoticed. We talked to her about why she loves her job and what drives her every day.

Welcome, Birgit! Please tell us a little about yourself and your job at Serviceware.

Birgit: My name is Birgit, I have two children and I have been working as a backend software developer at Serviceware for 30 years. I primarily focus on the conception and implementation of process logic, database designs, and server-side interfaces for modeling and executing BPMN workflows.

What motivates you and what do you enjoy most about your job?

Birgit: It is the variety of tasks and the continuous challenges that drive my motivation. I love being creative and working with my team colleagues to design and implement innovative and customer-oriented solutions.

As a software developer who has been in the business from the very beginning, you have known the industry for a long time and have certainly experienced a lot. Can you give us an insight into your beginnings and the development of the Serviceware Processes software?

Birgit: Absolutely! I was involved in the development of Serviceware Processes from the very beginning. It was an exciting time in which we laid the foundations for the modelling and digitalization of service processes. We continuously developed the software with a great deal of commitment and passion and were able to convince more and more customers of our product. It makes me proud to see how successful Serviceware Processes is on the market and how many companies are using our product to automate and digitalize their services.  

How would you describe your day-to-day work?

Birgit: My day-to-day work is characterized by self-organized and responsible teamwork. For me, the resulting dynamic is a great advantage. This working style enables us to react flexibly to new requirements or challenges and to put innovative approaches and technologies into practice. This not only promotes variety, but also creates a solid knowledge base within the team.

You emphasize the importance of continuous development, especially in the fast-moving software industry. How do you personally deal with this constant change?

Birgit: In our industry, it is essential to constantly evolve. During my parental leave, I actively looked out for new technologies to keep my finger on the pulse. This has made my re-entry easier and I see this continuous development as essential for success in our industry. Serviceware also provided me with the support and flexibility I needed to combine work and family life and successfully return to work.

You enthusiastically participate in hackathons and actively advocate for more female talent in the IT industry. What is your involvement in these events?

Birgit: Hackathons are great opportunities to work on new product ideas and solutions in a creative atmosphere. I love contributing my experience and developing innovative ideas together with other colleagues. Regarding young female talent in IT, I organize the annual Girls' Day together with colleagues, where participants get a practical insight into the diversity of IT professions. I think diversity in software development teams is very important and I am convinced that we can develop even better products as a result. This motivates me to get schoolgirls interested in careers in IT at an early age.

Thank you, Birgit, for this insightful glimpse into your career at Serviceware and your passion for software development!

Birgit: You're welcome! It was a pleasure to talk about my experiences.