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Serviceware Performance profitability analysis on tablet.

Achieve precise and successful Corporate Performance Management with Serviceware

Reliable information is the basis for setting a successful course in the company. Without a solid database, it becomes difficult to plan, develop successful strategies and make future-oriented decisions. Serviceware Performance (formerly cubus outperform), gives you the relevant facts at your fingertips at the push of a button enabling you to measure successes on the basis of live data, identify deviations and adjust them easily and where necessary. 

Comprehensive functions for the continual improvement of decision-making and control processes.


Modern Reporting 
Business applications
Pre-defined best practice templates
Flexible individualization of content 
Serviceware Performance for Finance Performance Management and Project Performance Management.

Our software can support you in the following applications:

Support in Finance Performance Management

  • Integrated financial planning & reporting
  • Company-wide planning, budgeting & forecasting applications
  • Contribution margin accounting
  • Personnel controlling
  • Cost controlling
  • Sales controlling
  • IT controlling

Support in Project Performance Management

  • Project scoring & portfolio management
  • Resource and capacity management
  • Project cost planning and reporting
  • Project status reporting
  • Business case management 

Laying the foundation with analytics and reporting

With Serviceware Performance AL you can develop powerful business intelligence using the reporting and analysis component of Serviceware Performance stand-alone or as part of a comprehensive performance solution. Reports have never been easier to produce showing the results you need to share. 

You also have the option to prepare and freely analyze data independently. With Serviceware Performance AL you can move freely in your "data room", swap columns and rows by drag-and-drop, set filters, perform drill-downs and drill-ups, create additional information yourself and make the analysis accessible to your colleagues across different platforms. 

Benefits include:


Easy to use
No programming knowledge required
Available on all devices
Self-Service BI
Ad-hoc Analysis
Free analysis
Serviceware Performance Devices.

Unlimited analysis through the integration of Serviceware Performance AL in Power BI

With the integration of Serviceware Performance AL into Microsoft Power BI you can now enrich existing Microsoft Power BI reports with data from the multidimensional data sources supported by Serviceware Performance AL.
You can then analyze this data directly in your dashboards using the analysis capabilities of Performance AL.

Combine data from different sources

Combine data from different sources without switching between different tools. Supported by comprehensive dashboarding capabilities, you can immediately identify problems and start a root cause analysis directly from the dashboard.

Evaluate data quickly, easily and anywhere

Information is available to you anytime and anywhere where decisions are made. Within a very short time, you can independently create analyses and view results.

Unrivalled freedom of analysis

There is no other comparable Business Intelligence product integrated with Power BI that gives you this analytical freedom for the three major analytics engines (SSAS, IBM TM1, Oracle Essbase).

Serviceware Performance Analytics is integrated in Microsoft Power BI.

Read more about the integration of Serviceware Performance AL in Microsoft Power BI. Learn how to move from guided analysis to freedom of analytics with Serviceware.

Take back control and create your own plans, analyses and reports!


Business management from A to Z

Whether you monitor KPIs, create plans, manage projects or support the management in implementing strategies, everything is integrated in one platform - seamlessly and without media breaks.

Focus on the department

Serviceware Performance is designed so that the applications in Controlling can be created, extended and maintained by controllers. You take the lead and don’t require IT support. Serviceware Performance has an intuitive user interface. Every user is able to evaluate data, gain insights and prepare decisions without IT support.

From users for users

The experience, ideas and suggestions of our customers have been incorporated into the development of Serviceware Performance from the very beginning. This has resulted in a platform that does exactly what its users in the specialist areas expect of it - now and in the future.

Woman with laoptop works independently and easily.

Use powerful technologies


Multidimensional perspective

Serviceware Performance uses powerful technologies such as Oracle Essbase, IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) or Microsoft Analysis Services (SSAS) to help you get results quickly. Multi-dimensional data storage ensures that the data is already compiled and prepared in the way you need it.

All data, any source

To get a complete picture of the current status, you need insight into all relevant data. Powerful connectors ensure that data from all required sources, such as SAP, are included in your analyses.

Ad-hoc analyses, dashboards, etc. in the office or mobile

For quick decisions, management dashboards show at a glance whether KPIs are still in the green zone and easy-to-use ad hoc analyses calculate additional results in no time at all or provide new perspectives through other combinations. Thanks to the mobile app, anywhere, anytime.

Technology partners of Serviceware Performance are IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Theobald and Saxess.

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Use one platform to digitally map your corporate performance management process

Performance Management

You have a common performance management platform for strategic and operational management for all departments in your company - from Finance, IT, Sales, HR, Production to R&D. You don't have to click back and forth between different platforms. 

Planning, Budgeting, Forecast, Simulation

In order to make your company's planning system as simple and flexible as possible, we ensure the integration of the different planning levels from strategic planning, operational planning and budgeting to quarterly forecasts and plan adjustments. We also ensure the integration of sales, HR, investment and cost planning into P&L, balance sheet and cash flow planning.

Analysis and reporting

Standard report, dashboard or free analysis? Your results can be made available in a recipient-friendly way so that every target group, from the executive table to the user, can use and exploit results optimally.

Serviceware Performance gantt chart functionality on desktop and analysis functionality on tablet.

Save time and effort - Increase your efficiency and productivity

Single version of the truth

Escape the Excel hell! Your time is too precious to discuss about the correctness of data. With Serviceware Performance you have a consistent database you can rely on.

Save time and costs

With one platform and well thought-out application, business processes become transparent. You recognize weaknesses, improvement potential and opportunities. You can streamline planning processes, drastically reduce the time needed for analyses and reports and increase employee productivity. You save costs and have more time for new projects and tasks.

Collaboration and traceability

By entering comments at any point, you can add important background information - also in the form of attachments -, explain results and exchange information with colleagues. The result is a holistic and complete view of the facts as a basis for consolidated decisions.

Serviceware Performance comments functionality on desktop.

We accompany you from the beginning and do not leave you alone!

All-round carefree package

With our all-round carefree package, Serviceware Managed Services, we offer you a permanent or case-based service package. This allows you to additionally secure the operation of your Serviceware Performance Applications and OLAP databases or to provide for a temporary loss of an internal administrator or expert.
Our service package includes different options, which we can offer you as a modular system. Depending on your needs. 

In a live demo we will show you the functions and advantages of Serviceware Performance.

Serviceware Performance support team for customer service.
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uvex – Efficiently steering value-oriented growth

Customer benefits and competitiveness are at the forefront of the Bavarian-based family company uvex. To enable corporate management and decision-making processes to be supported, the company utilizes Serviceware Performance for corporate controlling.

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