How do you steer your company’s performance?

Serviceware. That’s how.

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Serviceware Performance

In an agile, dynamic, complex and volatile world, how you manage your company is crucial to its ultimate success.

Serviceware Performance helps you here with a flexible software platform – based on multidimensional data storage allowing it to adapt to your company.

The different areas of corporate planning are integrated on one platform. This gives you the option of consistent analysis and reporting.


Integrated financial planning
Self-service analyses
Mobile reporting
Intuitive UI
Maintenance in controlling
Top marks among customers

How do you ensure maximum transparency for your company?
Serviceware. That's how.

Consistent financial planning

From sales planning or human resources, over investment and cost planning all the way to profit and loss accounting and cashflow. Everything is integrated on one platform.

Self-service analyses and reporting

Based on planned, actual and forecast data, you perform your analyses and share the results with colleagues. On any device – at any time.

Fact-based decisions

The intuitive operation and lightning-fast querying never fail to impress staff in all business units and create a culture of fact-based decisions.

Regional Sales Report with Comments

Read our whitepaper and learn more about the advantages of Serviceware Performance. Find out how your corporate management and decision-making processes can be assisted with our solution.

Excel Hell Webinar

Escape from Excel Hell Webinar

3 out of 4 companies use Excel for planning and budgeting. However, the reporting and analysis possibilities of Excel are modest and as the number of users in a company increases, so do the risks of relying on Excel tool. Important decisions are made based on facts, while in reality, plenty of Excel sheets are riddled with undetected errors. You will get to see real-life benefits of a database-driven solution that can help you manage your finances better than ever before.

You will learn how: ⭐  several users can work simultaneously ⭐  data is protected and integrated into the data storage ⭐  access rights can be centrally allocated and managed ⭐  additional calculations, comments and file attachments are possible ⭐  user-friendly and intuitive look & feel for end users

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How do you achieve successful controlling?
Serviceware. That's how.


More than 25 years of best practice

We bring more than 25 years of experience in project design and implementation to the table. The project takes off to a flying start from day one onwards.

Maintenance and advanced development in controlling

Controllers are themselves able to develop the application for planning and reporting while updating and adapting it to business changes.

Consistency and security for growing data volumes

Serviceware Performance adds logic and data storage to a consistent, high-performance, multidimensional database and combines it with a flexible, Excel-like interface in addition to a planning workflow.

Read our whitepaper and learn more about the advantages of Serviceware Performance.

How can controllers thoroughly analyze performance figures?
Serviceware. That's how.


Integration into different preexisting systems

The data required for planning and analysis is located in heterogeneous IT systems. With Serviceware Performance, you integrate the data on one platform and provide a “single version of the truth”.

Linking figures to comments

Comments by experts help to interpret the data correctly. Comments and attachments are linked to each other in Serviceware Performance. Comments added in the planning and reporting are available in the analysis.


Not only the controller but also the technical users can utilize existing analyses and reports or compile their own analyses independently in just a few minutes. This takes a massive burden off controllers when it comes to special evaluations.

Read our whitepaper and learn more about the advantages of Serviceware Performance.


uvex – corporate controlling with success factor

Serviceware Performance provides all data and figures necessary for implementation and control of the uvex value orientation. No matter which of the global branches users are located in, they have fast and flexible access to consistent, standardized information anywhere.

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Serviceware Performance
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