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Serviceware Financial

Companies could save tens of millions with the help of Serviceware Financial, the enterprise-wide ITFM software solution. It has the capability to create virtually infinite budgeting scenarios, so you can create as much cost transparency as you need.

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Features of Serviceware Financial

Connect and Collaborate

Introducing the Digital Value Model, an enhanced cost model and best practice for TBM

One of Serviceware Financial's standout features is its ability to support and adjust your cost model's structure as needed. We can implement based on the TBM standard, your unique model, or a combination of both. If it's getting started with a new cost model, please be introduced to the Serviceware Digital Value Model (DVM®). The DVM approach merges TBM taxonomy and principles with proven best practices from over 20 years of experience working with large multi-national enterprises. 

Financial information directly linked to Service portfolio to provide new insights

Serviceware Financial places special emphasis on interlocking different information levels between service information and financial information closely. These are presented clearly, to drive information-based decision-making further forward.

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Approval and job monitoring options enhance productivity and planning quality

Approval and job monitoring enhancements meet the need for coordinated, cross-responsibility planning processes.

€5.48 million
present value benefits
€4 million
net present value benefits
< 6 months

Source: Forrester Total Economic Impact Study into Serviceware Financial

What's inside Serviceware Financial

Core modules

Unlock insights with graphical cost analysis, visualize the service value chain, and delve into detailed service metrics. Seamlessly compare scenarios, calculate unit costs, and automate invoicing and charge-back processes. Efficiently allocate costs, apply best practices, and gain clarity with integrated cost driver analysis.

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Service Cost Manager

  • Allocate costs to services
  • Calculate service unit costs - multi-step value chain (service layer model)
  • Predefined best practice calculation rules
  • Integrated cost driver analysis and drill-down capabilities to line item level 
  • Distinction between true service production cost and service tariff

Visual Service Analysis Manager

  • Graphical analysis for cost drill-down
  • Visualize contribution through the multi-step service value chain
  • Provide details on:
    • service production cost
    • service charge-back fees
    • utilization volumes
    • calculation rules
  • Integrated comparison of scenarios and focus on key cost drivers

Service Accounting Manager

  • Usage-based calculation of service
  • Charge-back / show-back to user
  • Reporting on service quantity & quality 
  • Automatic production and distribution of service invoices
  • Transfer of charge-back details to ERP

Extend core functionality with these modules


Effortlessly configure and calculate costs for new services, generate service quotations, and manage project portfolios. Achieve comprehensive project performance management and seamless integration with cloud services like Microsoft Azure, AWS, and CloudHealth. 

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General Extensions

  • Business Service Manager

Configure and quote business services

  • Project Economics

Plan and control costs and benefits of projects

  • Cloud Cost Management

Plan and control costs and benefits of cloud providers


  • BI Connector

Enables comprehensive reporting of financial management data in third party BI-tools

  • Benchmark Manager

Compare service costs internally and externally


  • Transfer Pricing Manager

Manage mark-ups and transfer prices for services

  • SLA Manager

Gain visibility of SLA/OLA contract terms


  • Predictive Planning Manager

AI-driven demand-based planning and forecasting

  • Performance Manager

Advanced multidimensional planning and analysis

Data sources

  • Connecting data sources and parallel systems

Serviceware Financial provides standard interfaces via ODBC/JDBC, file formats (csv, xml, etc) and web services (REST, API) for importing data from external ERP, HR, ITSM sources such as ServiceNow and SAP. Typically, data synchronization occurs on a daily basis. See examples of successfully connected systems →

Out-of-the-box interfaces are available to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and VMware Tanzu CloudHealth (via the Cloud Cost Management extension module) for synchronizing cloud cost data.

  • Data analysis

Serviceware Financial provides seamless integration with Microsoft Power BI through the BI Connector extension module. Leveraging the Power BI app within Serviceware Financial allows for offline viewing of dashboards. Additionally, if needed, Serviceware Financial data can be synchronized into Power BI/Azure.

Moreover, other data analysis tools such as Tableau, Google, and SAP Lumira can also be embedded for enhanced analysis capabilities.


Setting up your Serviceware Financial system at a basic level can be completed in under 90 days.

Depending on your specific requirements, in general we would estimate that up to 25% of the overall implementation effort will require your involvement as a customer. Typical activities that we need your involvement with include:

  • Participating in and contributing to design workshops
  • Providing access to data, e.g. cost data, consumption data, service catalog information
  • Technical assistance with integrations
  • Review and approval of the conceptual design, documentation and acceptance testing
  • Involvement in key user training sessions


Recommended data inputs into Serviceware Financial include:

  • Service Operations Data: CMDB, incident/service ticket consumption, service catalog and project portfolio
  • ERP Data: Chart of Accounts and actual costs, assets/investments depreciation
  • Infrastructure and Monitoring Data: Server and data center utilization, storage consumption
  • Cloud Data: Service and resource consumption, billing data, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS; FinOps data

Here are some examples of successfully connected systems:

S400 and i5/OS (Users, consumption)
Baramundi Management Suite
bi-Cube SSO und Identity Management
BMC Remedy ARS
BSCW Groupware
Cherwell ITSM suite
Echelon Helpdesk
Enteo NetInventory
HP OpenView
Hydra ZKS Access Control
IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
ICS Continuity
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
jEdwin Asset Management
Lotus Notes
Matrix42 License Management
Microsoft Active Directory
Microsoft Outlook/Exchange
Microsoft Service Manager

Microsoft SharePoint
Nagios IT Infrastructure Monitoring
Oracle DB DCC
Oracle E-Business Suite
SAP User Management
SAP-CCMS transaction statistics
Serviceware Processes
SmartTrack License Management
Steeb ERP
Sun Identity Management
Symantec Altiris Asset Management
Timicx Time Reporting
Allegra TrackPlus
USU Valuemation
OneSpan / VASCO

Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP) such as Oracle and SAP only get you that far. When it comes to digital transformation Serviceware Financial allows a deep-dive into costs, services and value drivers on a very granular level for IT and Shared Services. With relevant data for decision-making on your dashboard in real time.

Or, as our Deloitte Technology Strategy & Transformation Partner puts it: "Using a purpose specific ITFM tool such as Serviceware, organizations achieve a level of flexibility which is not achievable with ERP-based solutions. Agility is crucial to ensure that IT Financial Management can keep up with the rapid change that most digitally enabled organizations experience."

Customers profit from the ‘train the trainer’ approach as part of onboarding, with the aim of enabling customers to become self-sufficient and confident with the solution. In addition to this, standard support is available between 7am-8pm CET Monday to Friday. Our support team and consultants are located in offices across Europe.

You can further enhance your team's skills and knowledge by using our training and upskilling opportunities available through the Serviceware Academy.

“Serviceware Financial is the technical basis for Volkswagen Group’s IT Service Catalog and essential for group-wide cost allocation and IT service charging.”

Steinar Páll Landrø
IT Service Portfolio Steering, Volkswagen Group

“Serviceware Financial is the only solution that enables me to map out multi-dimensional service value-creation chains. That’s exactly the transparency needed to allocate service costs and the cost drivers involved.”

Jens-Uwe Siems
Head of IT Service Management, ZF Group

“With Serviceware Financial, our product managers can automatically calculate the TCO of their services and create cost transparency in comparison with the actual data.”

Andreas Hammer
Manager Controlling Processes & Charging, BASF Digital Solutions GmbH

“The monthly expenditure for the settlement of IT costs is now down to a mere two hours. Without this financial management solution, we required one to two days every month.”

Alexander Wörndl-Aichriedler
Head of IT Infrastructure and Operations, PALFINGER AG

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Serviceware Financial can be deployed in the Serviceware Private Cloud or in a cloud provider of your choice (e.g. AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform). For customers with specific requirements, Serviceware Financial can be deployed on premises.

The key drivers of the SaaS fee are:

  • Annual spend that needs to be managed in the solution
  • Scope of functional requirements
  • Length of the committed term

Discuss your specific use case with us so we can build the optimum package for your business needs.

Why Serviceware

You are in good company! Explore the roster of satisfied clients, including multinational enterprises, renowned DAX-listed companies and medium-sized businesses from various industries. Our success is rooted in understanding our clients' unique concerns and requirements, fortified by the expertise of strong partners and the strategic prowess of our consultants demonstrated across numerous large-scale projects.

Headquartered in Germany, we have been innovating and adding value to businesses for over 25 years with our award winning software solutions. We are here to develop visionary concepts with a practical edge, ensuring what we propose is achievable for your business. From strategy formulation to analyzing business processes, we design the ideal service model tailored to your company.

What sets us apart is our seamless integration of seasoned top management consultants and implementation-savvy IT experts right from the project's inception. This collaborative approach guarantees holistic and actionable solutions, addressing strategic, functional, IT and Shared Services' requirements in equal measure. 

Serviceware Financial is leader in the „VENDOR SELECTION MATRIX™ ITFM and TBM Solutions“ for large enterprises and upper midmarket companies in D/A/CH 2024.

Serviceware Financial is transactable on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

  • Serviceware Financial is a Certified Microsoft Trusted Vendor
  • Apply the Annual Contract Value (ACV) directly to Azure Savings Plan's commitments
  • Streamline contract negotiations using Microsoft's standard contract template
  • Conveniently invoiced through Microsoft payment processing