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Supporting around 60,000 customers with innovative e-recruiting solutions, this company with 3,300 employees is part of Axel Springer SE. 

In March 2020, Stepstone introduced Serviceware Knowledge as Stepedia for its sales and customer service. Stepedia, with almost 500 active users in different departments, now contains almost 600 knowledge articles and is constantly being developed further. Within the scope of the project with Serviceware Knowledge, all core objectives have been achieved.

„Thanks to Stepedia, we have all the latest information relevant to sales and customers in one place. On the one hand, news can be communicated flexibly and on the other hand, it can be found and retrieved quickly. This enables us to provide the best service at all times."

Kim-Mai Breitmar
Junior B2B Marketing Editor, Stepstone

Initial situation & challenges

As Stepstone experienced remarkable success and rapid expansion, it encountered a fresh set of challenges centered around knowledge transfer.

The company had been relying on traditional document filing systems, which proved insufficient for fostering an efficient exchange of knowledge. Recognizing the need for a more effective knowledge management solution, Stepstone embarked on a journey to enhance productivity and elevate the quality of its sales and customer service efforts. This initiative was born out of the organization's commitment to adapt and evolve in the face of growth, ensuring that valuable knowledge could flow seamlessly within the company.


The objectives set forth by Stepstone encompass the development of a centralized knowledge management system within the realms of sales and customer service.

This system is aimed at ensuring the ready availability of pertinent and up-to-date knowledge, achieved through intuitive organizational structures and an intelligent search function. The company also aspires to reduce the onboarding period for new employees while significantly saving time through streamlined procedures and processes.

Ultimately, these efforts are designed to elevate service quality, enhancing the customer experience by harnessing the power of central knowledge management.

Success at a glance

  • Sales and customer service use a common source of knowledge
  • Stepedia has replaced other systems and communication channels
  • About 80% of the users use Stepedia daily
  • Users rate the knowledge management solution as very good
  • The onboarding process has been significantly optimized

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