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How do you plan and organize resource demand in your healthcare services?

By optimizing the logistical planning of care appointments, personnel, and medical resources and improving all underlying service processes.

Healthcare Management is a massive challenge, especially since it is mainly concerned with some of the most vulnerable members of our society. No patient who is in need of healthcare services is the same: people come with the most different ailments, conditions, and worries, and in order to guarantee their health and safety, health practitioners try their best to meet their patients’ needs. In order to ease their burden, hospitals and other care organizations have started to implement specialized Healthcare Management solutions. What is a Healthcare Management solution?

A Healthcare Management solution is a specially designed piece of software, tailored to the particular requirements of hospitals, caregivers, and other healthcare organizations as well as their patients. It entails:

  • Tools for appointment scheduling
  • Functionalities to manage the availability of medical personnel
  • Keeping of inventory of available resources
  • Routing of mobile agents (e.g. for domiciliary visits)
  • Overview over these aspects on one centralized, automated platform

The value of such software solutions cannot be understated. Be it house visits for elderly patients, the efficient distribution of medication and medical equipment, or the handling of surge of high-risk patients in the face of a global pandemic: when healthcare services are managed properly, lives are saved. Find out how Serviceware Resources can help your organization to provide better, more efficient care to your patients.

We are able to minimize the risk for an infection to an absolute minimum and we appreciate the enhanced utilization of our valuable facilities.

Peter Smits
Manager Operations, Atalmedial

Optimized Healthcare Service Management: All in One App

The centralized interface of Serviceware Resources enables your organization to efficiently manage your patients’ demands for care with the availability of resources, such as healthcare professionals, medication, and equipment. With an overview over all the moving parts of healthcare management, Serviceware Resources generates an optimal planning that maps these elements in the most efficient manner.

Especially in times of a global pandemic it is more important than ever to stay on top of house calls and to keep waiting times during consultation hours as short as possible. Doctors and other healthcare professionals use Serviceware Resources and its automated planning engines as a centralized Healthcare Management solution to plan more than 3 million appointments already. A clear demonstration that Serviceware enables better care.

Serviceware Resources (Careware)

Scheduling appointments hassle free with Serviceware Resources Appointment Scheduling

More and more organizations are switching to appointment-based services. Serviceware Resouces (Careware) offers an unique solution for planning and registering appointments. With Serviceware Resources Appointment Scheduling your customer can make an appointment online. No account needed. Smart algorithms help with finding a fitting location, date, and time for the appointment. A confirmation message is sent through text or email. All schedules (such as consultation hours) are managed in Serviceware Resources (Careware). This way you maintain an overview of your appointments and your colleagues always and immediately know the current occupation per location. Be on top of your appointment scheduling with Serviceware Resources Appointment Scheduling.

You can count on Serviceware to optimize your Healthcare Management

Medical labs and diagnostic centers

Outpatient care, house calls for blood samples, as well as appointments for diagnostics can all be managed with Serviceware

Rehabilitation care for older adults

Planning of routes and appointments for individual rehabilitation and group therapy with a focus on timely recovery for patients

Home care nursing services

Automated route planning, taking into account travel distances, competencies and availability of personnel, as well as patient preferences

Healthcare Alterspflege

Provide better care with Serviceware

Manage the availability of all resources

Live communication between dispatchers and care providers

File all care tasks automatically without any data loss


Increase flexibility and free up capacities

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Increase well-being and satisfaction of your patients

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